Tummy time just got more fun (and anatomical correct) with Biddy Belly!

Oh, how babies hate tummy time. Or perhaps your baby loves tummy time…or loves to hate tummy time. Either way, it’s a must-do for babies and my own little one is reaching that tummy time point. She likes it for a few minutes and then…WAH!! And so the story goes…but think about it pushing yourself up from a flat position is actually really hard work. It’s like when you do Yoga and pushing yourself into “Cobra” position. It’s a huge push up and exerts a lot of energy. Which is also why a lot of babies get really tired doing tummy time and will act fussy while doing it or fall asleep right after. However, tummy time is necessary to develop muscles in their backs, necks, shoulders and arms. Can you imagine how much of a noodle they would be if we didn’t exercise those muscles? Spending the day in a car seat, bouncer, swing and flat on the ground isn’t enough exercise of those muscles that will eventually get them to turn-over, crawl and walk.

To make tummy time a little more bearable for our babies, Robin, a physical therapist and mom of three, decided that their has to be a better way for babies to get their tummy time in without all the frustration from pushing themselves up from a flat, prone surface. Thus, the Biddy Belly was born.

What I love (and I’m sure baby loves too) about the Biddy Belly versus just a flat play-mat is that:

  • she’s elevated rather than flat which helps her like tummy time and keeps her there longer than being without the added elevation.
  • toys are integrated into the giraffe face and body so she can play and work muscles at the same time.
  • it’s cover is machine washable (we know how much babies love to spit-up and sour milk does not smell good).
  • you can remove the side bolsters allowing for the Biddy Belly to become a Biddy “Buddy” when baby is past using it for tummy time which you can’t really do a flat play-mat.

Depending on the size of your baby, they may or may not be able to roll-over the side of the Biddy Belly. My baby is the smallest of the small and she’s just now starting to roll-over at four months and has enough room to roll-over on it. However, if your baby is on the larger side, they will be kept upright on their tummy and not be able to roll-over which may or may not frustrate them when using it. Since the Biddy Belly can be used over a longer period of time than a regular play-mat and that it helps develop their muscles in an anatomical correct way, I would definitely recommend investing in one for your own little one and it makes a nice shower gift and much more useful than those stuffed animals that no-one ever plays with.

The Biddy Belly is available at Biddybelly.com, $39.99.