Two New Potty Time Products from Joovy (VIDEO)

Joovy has been super busy lately cranking out the new products to add to their already impressive line of baby gear. This time they have ventured into the bathroom to help with potty training. The Loo Potty Chair and the StepTool Step Stool are two of the newest products from Camp Joovy.

Joovy Bath

The Loo is a modern potty chair that is one of the easiest potties to clean that we have ever seen. We are talking two pieces with no cracks or crevices for the “potty” to hide. Even the inside bowl is completely sealed. There is nothing worse than a stinky potty chair that harbors remnants of pee pee or poo poo (gasp!) to really put a bad spin on potty training so we are glad that Joovy made this one super easy to clean. The Loo retails for $39.99.

The StepTool is a sturdy step stool that features a non-slip surface on topĀ  for the toddlers to stand on and a non-slip surface on bottom to keep the stool in place. It is light enough that a 2 year old can move it from the big toilet to the sink but still strong enough to accommodate up to 300 lbs. The StepTool retails for $19.99.

To see these two products up close and personal, watch our Baby Gizmo Video below:


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