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  1. hi! The Baby Jogger Versa seems great, but can it be used for newborns? Is there a special bassinet that can adapt on it?
    Thank you very much for your help.

  2. I was wondering if the Spark Twin model will allow you to use two infant carriers (car seats) at the same time, or if it will be like other Valco twin models that only allow one infant carrier? Thanks! Pamela

  3. Hey there, We stock the Valco Baby Range over in New Zealand and found your blog from the Valco Website and it’s awesome!! Thanks so much for showing us the New Valco Range – It hasn’t been shown over here yet. I love your blog, it’s so informative will be following it from now on :).. Thanks, Laura

  4. You just made me want the Valco Baby Spark– what will the weight limit per seat for the double be?
    Isn’t that Quinney Moodd beautiful?!!!

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