Uppa Baby Mesa Infant Car Seat In-Depth Sneak Peek Video – Part 2

Uppa Baby Mesa Infant Car Seat In-Depth Sneak Peek Video - Part 2


We brought you one of the first sneak peek videos of the new UPPAbaby Mesa Infant Car Seat on Sunday night. Since that was a more hand-off (for us!) video, I wanted to get a little more in-depth with showing you the features of this new car seat. Take a look at this new UppaBaby Mesa Infant Car Seat up close and personal with me at the ABC Kids Expo in Louisville.


  1. How does this compare as far as the Britax B-Safe? My son is done with his infant seat, we loved the B-Safe, and are keeping it for future kids, but this possibly made me rethink this idea. Thanks Hollie! Informative as always.

  2. I confirmed with Uppababy that the Mesa WILL require an adapter for the 2013 Vista, but the adapter will be free and included in the box, which is there way of saying no adapter purchase necessary. Personally, I think their marketing materials are misleading at best on this issue. They will not answer the question of what type of adapter is it? I was wondering if you happened to see the adapter? Is it a bar adapter or an adapter that allows the one-click like the Cruz? I’m not sure why Uppababy is being so secretive and deceptive about the adapter, but I fear it is because it isn’t great.

  3. After reading conflicting info, I called UPPAbaby customer service and while they didn’t seem very informed, I was told because there were no changes to the 2013 Vista, the Mesa car seat would need an adapter for the 2013 Vista. I really hope you’re right!! Could you please use your contacts to confirm the adapter issue for a 2013 Vista? Your help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks for all your videos, too!

  4. Can I get one before March? I’m due late december. And I have a 2010 vista, how will the mesa snap into the vista? Is it only that easy for the 2013 version?

    • They won’t be available until March. The Mesa will come with an adapter for the older VISTAs but they didn’t have it to show us how easy it would be to attach it to the stroller.

  5. I just found your site Hollie and it is so helpful for a new mom to be!
    Any word on if we will be able to purchase an extra base to the Mesa car seat?
    Also, any word on the release date of the 2013 vista?

    Thank you!

  6. Thanks Hollie for the info!

    Any word on the 2013 Vista changes? We’re due end of February and wondering if the new model will be out. Looks like we miss out on the Mesa though, which is too bad, it looks awesome!

  7. This looks awesome! It will not work with the current Vista out is that correct? Only on the 2013 model that is not out yet? Also, I just visited the Ubbababy website and was shocked to see that the pictures they have of a baby in the new infant seat have the baby buckled incorrectly!! The straps are SUPER loose! Check it out. I’m going to contact them and let them know.

    • The UPPAbaby Mesa infant car seat will work with the older VISTA models with the adapter that will be included with the car seat. No adapter will be needed when paired with the 2013 VISTA model though.


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