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  1. Does the new 2015 Vista and rumble seat attachment work with a Chicco infant seat? It seems this configuration only works with their Mesa carseat not ones folks already have. I bought the new stroller for the rumble seat, the updated infant attachment for Chicco but now the two don’t fit! Nuts!!!

  2. Will the new 2015 vista be compatible with other carseats than the mesa? I have a graco infant carseat I’d like to use for baby #2. It would be one less thing to buy if I go with this double stroller. Thanks!!

  3. I contacted Uppababy and they told me that the old RumbleSeat works only with older models. The new 2015 Vista has the new RumbleSeat that works only with 2015 Vista. It does NOT work with older models. The same thing about the stroller board. There is a new 2015 board for the new 2015 vista. You old board will not work 🙁 Susan

  4. So, this review you did actually has incorrect information. After hearing of the new 2015 Uppa, I contacted Uppa Baby to confirm it could in fact attach two toddler seats as you have mentioned. They told me it cannot, and that it is 1 toddler seat and 1 rumble seat. Not 2 toddler seats.

  5. Do you know what the recline degree is for the new rumble seat? Would like to know if I can put an 3m+ infant in there (as opposed to using the bassinet) and a (heavier) toddler in the toddler seat?

    With a 35 lb weight limit on the rumble seat, I don’t see how the new Vista is good as a toddler + infant tandem stroller otherwise because maneuvering will be nearly IMPOSSIBLE with the heavier child in the rumble seat, like is the issue with the older Vistas – especially if the toddler is close to 35lbs limit (which lots of 2 – 2.5 year olds are by then).

  6. I have a 2013 model and I always feel so bad for my 2 kids- my 2 the old hates the rumble seat and my 10 month old always falls asleep in it and then I have to shuffle them around and it ends up being a fight with both kids crying in the end…

    Any, ANY, possibility of making the reclining rumble seat work on a 2013 vista?? Even if it is “gerry rigged”?? I love UppaBaby and am hoping so…

  7. I’m pretty eager to see an in depth review too! #2 is due in 2 months and this is the only double I’ve seen that comes anywhere near close to fulfilling my list of requirements. I haven’t seen any reviews that show how the seat configurations work with reclines. I don’t want to invest so much money in a stroller and then find the seats bash together when you try and recline.

  8. Thanks, Holli!
    I am very excited to hear about the improvements to this stroller as a double (expecting #2 in feb and #1 will only be 18 months), but anxiously awaiting an in-depth review of this stroller with all the featured and specs elaborated on so I can decide.
    when will you be doing an in-depth review??
    thank you!

  9. Hi,

    I heard that the bew legacy is the vista but without the bassinet. I was wondering if the legacy will have all the specs of the vista including the multi positioning of rumble seats.

    1. The Legacy will only take the older (not reclining) Rumbleseat. Look at it this way – the old VISTA style (up to 2014) will be called the Legacy, and the new 2015 style is now the VISTA. Not confusing at all, right?!? 😉

  10. So with the price increase they took away the rumble seat? I do not see the hype in purchasing the uppababy which cost much more, and before it was nice with rumble seat and bassinet sigh *

  11. Love they came out with a double but the weight limit of 35lbs for that rumble my 2 year is that weight 🙁 wish they would come out with a side by side of the g-luxe. We own 3 uppababy strollers and the g-luxe by far is our favorite but it’s too bad it’s a single. What’s a good double stroller for a 5,2 and 5 month old. Mainly the 2 year old and baby who ride but my 5 year old does want to occasionally go for a ride too!

  12. Would you please try a new rumble seat on a older vista model (2013/2014),see it work or not? They say redesign the frame, it doesn’t look much differents for me, it seems like can work on a older model.

  13. Did you say the new rumble holds up to 35lbs – isnt that the same as the old one?! So the only advantage you get is recline, and seating position/direction? Please, please, please tell me I’m wrong… 🙂

    1. Nope, you are correct…kind of. The new Rumbleseat has a 35 lbs max and has a recline but with the 2015 VISTA, you get so many more seating options. You can do two infant car seats, two bassinets, two toddler seats or mix and match.

  14. If you have a seat from a previous year vista stroller and buy the new stroller with the new frame can your other vista seat be used as the rumble seat?

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