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  1. I have had the Urbini Omni travel system since April ’14. My son is now 7 months. I would recommend it to everyone. It has by far been the best thing we have purchased. The bassinet is amazing for infants and the forward and back facing mods have been awesome on those walks when the sun is in your eyes on the way back. The canopy is the largest I have seen on a stroller and is great. The car seat can click right in the frame which I love as well. The removable bar doubles as a toy bar for us. The set has a pull tab recline so the stroller can go in many positions. There is even a click position between laying flat and sitting all the way up which is great for babies learning to hold their head up. We go on a mile walk daily and the stroller has held up great. I dealt with customer service after I accidentally tore the car seat cover stitching and thy sent me a new one within a week. They were wonderful. You can’t beat this deal at $199! Go get it and you won’t regret it!

  2. This looks great! Definitely interested in getting this. Would be interested to see what you think of the urbini omni in comparison.

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