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  1. The other thing about carseats “clicking” onto shopping carts is that it sometimes damages the clips and the seats then don’t clip properly into the base anymore. The result is a seat that becomes a projectile with baby in it during an accident.

  2. For grocery shopping you can always place them INSIDE the shopping cart. This doesn’t work if you are getting a lot of things, but if you are just getting a few things it works great.

  3. Options for the shopping trip rather than putting the car seat on top are:
    -leave baby home with a babysitter
    -use a stroller (best if you have an assistant to push the stroller or you’re good at dragging the cart behind you.)
    -baby sling or carrier (I watched a mom trucking in her auto-wheelchair yesterday baby peeking out of a carrier.)
    -put the car seat in the basket of the cart and put food around baby. If you find yourself running out of room, did you know most stores will allow you to park a cart up front while you finish your shopping as long as you buy within an hour? With the seat in the basket, the cart is not likely to tip and the seat is not going to fall off (because the other danger is that carts aren’t made to stay standing up with a big heavy thing on top like that, they’re more likely to tilt.) The only negative is you don’t want a baby spending a lot of time in a car seat (longer than an hour at a time or 3 hours in a day.)
    -use one of those shopping carts with a built in seat for baby (but take some disinfectant wipes, use the buckle, and it’s alright to tuck a blanket over the buckle so they’ll leave it alone and give them something else to hold.)

    The stroller is actually the only recommended method by the AAP if I remember right.

  4. Love the video! Shopping carts are definitely misuse #1 and it freaks me out, but I also see them put on upside down restaurant high chairs a lot. I always feel sorry for the poor restrained baby. Can you imagine being strapped to your office chair continuously and never allowed to stretch or even look around in all directions? Carseats are for cars. I always have a ring sling or other east to pop baby in carrier in my car — much easier than hauling an infant seat around plus my babies were both much happier out of the carseat and interacting with the world.

  5. Great job love all your videos just wish u mentioned to make sure handle is clickec in place and baby is buckled at all times far too many times I have seen unbuckled babies that could fall. Once I even saw a handle not clicked in place the entire seat flipped and the unbuckled baby fell in the ground in snow and ice. I saw this before I had children but it stayed with me forever and I never had my children unbuckled in the seat Keep up the great work !

  6. To April–slings or baby carriers work well for grocery stores, if you have to go alone. The best way to grocery shop is to get a helper though! If you can’t do that, seek out a store with the built-in infant seats. Since those were built directly into the frame of the cart, the are much safer. Just be sure to carry Lysol in your diaper bag to spray it down first!! 🙂

  7. Great video! The pediatric nurse in meis always screaming these safety precautions for the rooftop… Sadly few listen. What car seat are you using in this video?

  8. I totally agree. I was horrified when Graco made a swing for the car seat to snap in. Forget all of the above obvious safety reasons, if a baby spends too much time in the car seat it can cause spinal damage. Babies were meant to be on the floor, or carried to learn and develop important milestones. Leaving an infant in their car seat in the car, then stroller and then swing when you get home is way too much.

  9. What are some good suggestion for taking your infant into a grocery store? Is a sling or baby carrier the only option? Thanks!

  10. I shouldn’t laugh but the bike one made me chuckle. I’m so glad I haven’t seen anyone do that. I think the one I see the most is on a shopping cart. People say, “It clicks right on, I heard it make a clicking noise so it’s on there!” but car seat manuals say that it really only EVER “clicks” in its base. Which is hopefully seatbelted in the car 😉

  11. Why this even needs to be said is beyond me, but I’ve seen far to many people putting their children’s car seat’s on the top of a wagon. It’s dangerous!

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