How Not To Use An Infant Car Seat (VIDEO)


Unfortunately, I have encountered the misuse of infant car seats with parents (even friends and family!) many times. When I kindly  let them know that how they are using their infant car seat is not safe for their baby, they usually just blow me off and do it anyway.

I’ve wanted to do this video for a long time but since the misuse of infant car seats has been in the news on social media lately, I figured this was the perfect opportunity.

I encourage you to watch the quick PSA above (if you haven’t already!). Yes, we had fun with it, but it is to ultimately bring awareness to a very serious subject.

Just as a reminder: An Infant car seat is NOT a bed, crib, high chair, bouncy seat, or shopping car seat. It was designed for use in a vehicle and hooked to a stroller that has adapters made specifically for that infant car seat brand (for limited amounts of time, of course!).

Infant Car Seat Misuse