Using a Webcam to Connect With Your Little Ones

Hello everyone! I am very excited to be working with Baby Gizmo and decided to share my first post. I travel every week for a new job so I am away from my little girls sometimes days at a time. I began hating my job and deeply missing my family. When I opened my laptop that I received for work I noticed it had a web cam built in. We also have a web cam on our home computer so I decided to give this web chat a try!

webcamI miss my girls dearly when I travel and thought it would be a great way to stay connected with them and the hubby. So there is this great website called Skype ( that allows you to sign up for a free web number. It was so easy to do and took about 5 minutes. My husband set up an account for our home computer as well and voila! We dialed into each other and were having a face to face conversation. It was so great and easy. ANYONE can do this. No computer savyness required! I couldn’t wait for my girls to see me on it. My almost 4 yr old thought it was so cool. Although, she did get upset initially because she didn’t quite understand the concept. She kept asking me over and over again if I was still at work. But I got to be with them while they ate, played with Daddy and I even sang songs to my 10 month old. She loved it! It really helped me feel connected to my family even though I wasn’t at home.

All that is required is a web cam which can be already built into your laptop or desktop or store bought, internet connection and another person on the other side that also has a Skype account. And best of all….IT’S FREE!!! You can talk to anyone in the world. So for all of you moms out there that have been using this, keep enjoying it!  For all you moms out there who wished they could connect their little ones to a grandparent or other family member that may be far away, this is really a great inexpensive tool to do so! Here is a link to a site that reviews store bought webcams. They are really inexpensive and a great investment to help build relationships!

– Ericka, Contributor

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