Valco Baby 2015 Duo Twin X Stroller (VIDEO)

Valco Baby 2015 Duo Twin X Stroller (VIDEO)

Yep, more coverage from the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas! Seriously, there is so much to tell and show you that we’ll be doing coverage for weeks!

Many of you wanted to know what was new at Valco Baby and last week we showed you the new Snap Ultra. Today, we are talking about the new 2015 Trimode Twin which they will now be calling the Duo Twin X. Valco Baby has made some changes on the very popular Trimode Twin to make it even better and we think you’ll like it.

For 2015, you can expect new (more luxurious) fabrics, individual, adjustable footrests, a smaller, folded footprint AND a new, easier-to-do fold.

To get a sneak peek at the new Valco Baby Duo Twin X, watch our Baby Gizmo Video below.


  1. I am in Florida till 21 december and I want to buy a Valco Baby Trimode duo X 2015.

    Can you help me to find this Troller : on a store or on Line for the version 2015

    Thank you very much



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