Valco Baby is Going to Have a Big Year in 2012

Valco Baby is Going to Have a Big Year in 2012
Valco Baby Zee with Joey Toddler Seat

I really like Valco Baby.  It is a family owned and operated brand founded and based in Australia. We are talking brothers, fathers, daughters and overall great people who are passionate about their brand. If they don’t think it’s perfect – they fix it. That’s why I’m happy to tell you that it looks like Valco Baby is going to have a big year in 2012.  They have quite a few new products coming that we think will be a hit. Even though some of the products weren’t the finished product, they debuted some great new looking strollers  this past weekend at the ABC Kids Expo that they will be offering in 2012. 


First up is the Zee. The Zee will be Valco’s “hybrid” stroller that is lightweight but also all-terrain. Weighing in at only 18 lbs, this stroller sports front swivel wheels, rear suspension, compact fold, automatic lock, and large canopy. Plus, the Zee will take a bassinet, snack tray, infant car seat (with the adapter) and turn into a double with a Joey Toddler Seat or Hitchhiker riding board.

The Zee will come in three colors: Sapphire (tan and blue), Jet (black) and Citrine (yellow). (The Citrine wouldn’t be my first choice because the pale yellow is very, very pale. As in will get horribly dirty pale!) The Zee will retail for $329 for the single and $499 for the twin and will be available in January 2012. 

Valco Baby is Going to Have a Big Year in 2012
Valco Baby Zee with Joey Toddler Seat


Valco Baby is Going to Have a Big Year in 2012
Valco Baby Zee in Citrine (yellow)

The Astro High Chair will be getting four new colors in 2012. Apple, Carrot, Bubblegum and Cherry will all be added to the color choices.

Valco Baby is Going to Have a Big Year in 2012
Valco Baby Astro HIgh Chair
A Travel Bag will make travelling with your Valco stroller a breeze!

Valco Baby is Going to Have a Big Year in 2012


Another new stroller is yet to be given a final name!  Valco Baby tossed around the name of “Wave” until they realized that there was already a Wave stroller on the market.  So, the stroller will be given a different name. This un-named stroller will be an all-terrain buggy with reversible seat, pneumatic tires, adjustable footrest and handlebar and bassinet option. Plus, the fold is super easy and very compact.

Valco Baby is Going to Have a Big Year in 2012


Another new stroller in the works is the Snap and Twin Snap (for two). This stroller will be one of the most economical strollers Valco Baby will offer.  Plus, it is called Snap because it basically snaps closed with little effort. This one is still being worked on that they aren’t sure if it will be offered as a three-wheel or four-wheel option.  What do you think?

Valco Baby is Going to Have a Big Year in 2012
Valco Baby SnapValco Baby Snap fold and recline


Valco Baby is Going to Have a Big Year in 2012
Valco Baby Snap fold and recline

The Zephyr will be Valco Baby’s first portable cot this is easy to set up and take down. Here’s a bit of trivia for you – Zephyr means a carribbean breeze.  It’s a breeze to open and close – that’s where it got its name.

Valco Baby is Going to Have a Big Year in 2012
Valco Baby Zephyr
What we think might be the Valco’s biggest hit of 2012 is the Spark.  Unfortunately, it is one of the last products to roll out next year (June 2012).  We want to tell you about it anyway.  The Spark will be Valco’s do-it-all stroller.  Plus, it comes in a Twin!  The stroller seats will not only reversible but will transform into a bassinet.  Is that not enough?  The stroller can be folded with the seat forward or rear-facing and the twin stroller will allow you to have one seat reversed and one facing-forward or both facing forward or both parent-facing. It will have rear air-filled tires, adjustable handlebar and easy access to basket from both ends.  We knew you would like it!  The Spark has a projected arrival of June 2012 and will retail around $450 for the single and between $600-$700 for the twin.
Valco Baby is Going to Have a Big Year in 2012
Valco Baby Spark
Valco Baby is Going to Have a Big Year in 2012
Valco Baby Spark Twin

There is a also a stroller caddy that is expected to be released next year too.

Which is your favorite Valco Baby products for 2012?



  1. Is the snap being released? I think that would answer all my needs, the Zee is still too heavy for me at 18 lbs since my current everyday stroller is an old P3 from when I had my daughter who is now 71/2! I want the look of the new strollers but something lighter and with a better push.

  2. I think the spark is going to give the donkey a run for its money. I’ve been looking for a twin stroller since we have a 2 year old and expecting. The donkey is really amazing, but not with the price tag. The spark seems like such a comprable stroller with less pain in your pocket.

  3. omg… those two reversible seat strollers…. Valco has basically given us back the beloved Valco Rad, but revamped!

    I’m so excited!

  4. Wow!! What a great lineup from Valco Baby! I am loving the Spark and Spark Duo! Not that I need another stroller, but it looks perfect for me! 😀 Thanks for the great review (as always!)!

  5. So the Valco Rep on the Valco Facebook page says the Zee Two (twin) stroller WILL be able to take a Joey seat (the seat will come out sometime in 2012)!!!! Wow, a lightweight double that can hold three kids…But there’s more, the rep also said that they hope the Zee Two will have an optional accessory of pneumatic tires. What fun news. Here’s a pic of the Zee Two with the Joey seat attached(on the far right):!/photo.php?fbid=10150327272041797&set=a.396333551796.169703.178202856796&type=3&theater

  6. I have the Tri Mode Twin EX and I love it, except the weight when folded and the fact that it isn’t easy to move around when folded. The stroller is so easy to push and I love that the sun shield actually zips into the canopies so it really does protect when you are going to be out in the sun for a long time.

    I had to contact Valco Baby because mine didn’t come with the rain shield and they were so nice. Then I had a problem with my sun shield and they sent me a new one. As it turned out that one was exactly the same. The real problem was that one of my canopies was wrong and that’s why I couldn’t get it to attach properly. They immediately sent me a new canopy and couldn’t have been nicer.

    Of course now I’ll want a new stroller and won’t be able to get one 😉

  7. I love this company as well! I own two of their strollers, the latitude and the tri mode….love them both. I really like the sound of the Zee and the Snap strollers. I would prefer the Snap to be 4 wheels personally. Do you know if the snack tray would fit the Snap stroller also?
    Love the Valco line!!

  8. I just got my Valco Latitude Twin today and will most likely now want the new twin stroller when it comes out 🙂 Also I like the one that was suppose to be “Wave”.

    With one kids most like would end up picking Spark with the bassinet.

  9. Oh I don’t think I can pick a fave! I like the ZEE, and the 4 wheel snap. If I were to have twins or 2 close in age thatSpark would rock. Can’t wait to see what the unnamed becomes.


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