Valco Baby Trimode Duo X Double Stroller Review (Giveaway)

Valco Baby Giveaway


Valco Baby has been quiet for a while but it’s not that they haven’t been working. On the contrary, they have been working hard on finalizing and perfecting some great baby products that are launching soon and the Trimode Duo X is just the beginning!

The new Valco Baby Trimode Duo X is an upgraded version of the very popular Trimode stroller that we’ve loved for years. Now it’s even better. With larger canopies, upgraded, Tailormade fabrics, a slimmer profile, and an easier (more compact!) fold, this is a double stroller that you need to take notice of.



The seats accommodate up to 45 lbs each and measure 12″ wide, with 18″ seat backs and a 26″ measurement from back of seat to top of canopy. The fabric of the seats is upgraded which gives it a softer feel than the previous version. There is a removable, infant headrest, adjustable, padded, 5-point harness and an individual, removable baby bumper bar in each seat. The harness features a new, easier-to-do buckle. We liked the old buckle better. There – I said it. The harder-to-do buckle was better for keeping Houdini kids from escaping. 🙂

There are also new, individual, adjusting footrests that have three positions.

The seats have individual, deep reclines that are easy to do with a one-handed strap-like system. We love that when the seat is reclined, you can lift up the back fabric to expose a full mesh window to allow air to circulate through the seat.

Valco Baby Duo X


The size of a basket matters on a double stroller. When you are schlepping two kids around, they travel with a bunch of stuff so having a big basket is key. The Duo X doesn’t disappoint in the basket size category. We can fit two huge Ju-Ju-Be diaper bags in the basket with no problem and there are mesh side pockets to contain loose baby essentials.

On the back of the seats, there are two small pockets for storage as well.

Valco Baby Duo X


The stroller sports individual canopies that are HUGE! As in FOUR-PANEL-HUGE! When you don’t need all that glorious sun protection, two of the panels zip into the canopy for a great, streamlined look. If you are looking for full coverage, Valco has you covered! Unzip the new additional panels and you basically have paparazzi shields that fold ALL THE WAY TO THE BABY BUMPER BAR! It doesn’t get bigger than that, people!

The handlebar is foam covered and adjusts from 30″ from ground to handle to 42″ so it is great for shorter and taller parents.


The Valco Baby Trimode Duo X rolls on four 12″, air-filled tires. Valco, you must have forgotten the tire pump in my box though. I’m kidding. It doesn’t come with it. Next time, Valco, please include the tire pump to make parents’ lives easier. 🙂 Moving on…

The wheels on the stroller are robust, quality wheels that handle all-terrain really well and help give the stroller great maneuverability. There is a one step, flip flop friendly brake that locks the stroller into place.

Valco Baby Duo X


One of the biggest changes on the Trimode is the new fold. The big, cumbersome clamps are gone and an easier (more compact!) fold is here! All you have to do is lift two levers and it folds into a book fold and the fabric folds in to keep it clean. We love the auto lock that locks the stroller for transport.

The Duo X is a workhorse, double stroller so weight is going to come along with all that quality. The Duo X weighs in around 34 lbs which is standard for a full-size, all-terrain, double stroller.

Unfolding the stroller is easy-peasy. Unlock the auto lock, lift up on the handle bar and give it a shake until it locks open. Watch our Baby Gizmo review for a full tutorial.

Valco Baby Duo X


The Valco Baby Trimode Duo X has a bunch of accessories sold separately such as car seat adapters to turn it into a travel system (only one seat at a time on this baby), a toddler seat that turns it into a triple, cup holders, bassinet, footmuff, storm cover and more. The stroller retails for $800 and is available now.


Valco Baby Giveaway

Guess what? We have one UP FOR GRABS! Yep, it’s time for a GIVEAWAY!!! One lucky winner gets a gorgeous Valco Baby Trimode Duo X! Who wants one?



One (1) Valco Baby Trimode Duo X Double Stroller



This giveaway STARTS now and ends at 11:59pm EST Sunday, June 26, 2016. US ONLY.

Rafflecopter is back for this one but we are making it SUPER EASY to enter! Only a couple of mandatory entries and the rest are optional entries. You can do them if you want or not.  But let us warn you – if you want the extra entries, make sure you actually do the entries! If you click on “leave a blog comment” on the Rafflecopter widget – make sure you actually leave a blog comment. We check! If you don’t do the actual entry – it doesn’t count! You won’t win. We’ll both be sad.

Entry form should be below.  If it doesn’t load right away – just wait longer. *In my best Jim Carrey voice from Pet Detective.

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  1. Hello! I had read a review that the Valco Duo X doesn’t push all that well. Can you clarify how the handling and manuverability is?

  2. Storage is very important for me since I have two little babies and makes life easier with this stroller and going out

  3. I’m needing a double stroller, and this seems like it would be perfect for my 3 mo and my 22 mo! Love how each seat reclines. I could get them out the carseat and they can both still sleep lol

  4. Fingers crossed to win this much needed giveaway! This stroller will be so perfect for my three boys! The wheels are perfect for our afternoon jogs I don’t have to worry about getting stuck! The canopies are large enough to give shape without their heads touching the top! It fold make sit easier to fit in our cars everything about this stroller is great I could go on and on

  5. I’m so glad I saw this review. i just found out we are expecting our second and this would be great for my toddler and baby on the way! The canopy, storage and wheel positions are awesome!

  6. I love the way those big canopies zip up when they aren’t in use- so clean looking! And they are huge for great sun protection:) I also love that roomy storage basket underneath!

  7. I am in love with the big canopies and the storage basket!!! The fold is also awesome! This would be perfect for my two littlest ones!!! Thanks for the chance!!

  8. Hello to all and good luck this giveaway is awesome ! I could go on and on about this stroller it has so many great features! I have twins and a 2 yr old the canopies are great for the Texas heat the wheels are big I don’t have worry about getting stuck in a crack when I go jogging it’s roomy and it coverts to a triple stroller!!!

  9. I love the individual canopies and foot rests. Sometimes my son likes to nap while my big girl still wants to look around be part of the action.

  10. Hello everyone it’s Crystal Padilla ! What I love about this awesome stroller is the reviews ! I mean hands down this is a pretty neat stroller I live in Texas and the canopy will be perfect for the Texas heat! I hope to win this awesome give away for my three lil boys I need durable stroller that I can take thing jogging in and not get stuck in between the cracks ! God bless you all and good luck

  11. I love the new canopy! My old Valco didn’t have such a great cover. The removable handlebars are also great! Thanks for your review video it makes it easy when shopping for new things!

  12. The fold and large canopies sound like winners to me. Double side by side strollers aren’t always very easy to fold as they tend to be cumbersome. Anything to help make that easier is great. The 4 panel canopies are great too. All the way to the bumper bar!!! Great feature for staying out past sunset on warm summer nights

  13. That fold!! So much better! I love it! I would definitely use the new one much more just because of the easier fold!

  14. The mesh windows for air flow is genius! My kids are sweaty messes any time we take them out in this heat lately!

  15. Wow this is a Cadillac of strollers! I don’t what’s the best between the big canopies and the big basket! Would LOVE this stroller!!!!!

  16. The canopies are amazing. The storage is awesome. The easy fold takes the. Watching Hollie unbox this a few weeks ago made it perfect!

  17. I like that this is a double and can hold 45 lb kids. I could use this for a long time with the twins. The stroller also looks like one I could handle getting in and out of the truck.

  18. I think this stroller is super cool ! I have a one year old and I’m pregnant again and this stroller will be absolutely perfect. I love that it comes with the headrest for smaller babies, the basket is AMAZING!! It’s hard finding nice accommodating strollers that have a decent size basket. The way it folds is also great for storage, I thought it would’ve been a little bigger but it’s not. I LOVE IT! ❤️

  19. Love this stroller and everything it offers! Thank you for the thorough review. So helpful. With twins arriving in just a few months and a 2.5 yr old, this stroller is perfect. I love the adjustability and oversized canopies. Great for Florida (where I live). Love the adjustable handle bars and simplicity of opening and closing.

  20. I love valco, they make the best strollers. I love the canopies and how easy they drive. This new version looks amazing!

  21. I love that it is a side by side with lots of features. My two littles that are 13 months apart would love to sit side by side so they can hold hands ?. I also love the storage!

  22. Love this stroller! I have a very ancient one that doesn’t compare to the new one! The baskets alone are such an improvement!!! Can’t wait to see in person!

  23. I think I love that it is a double…we have our 5th child on the way and still only have a single. Having this would be very awesome for my wife when out and about shopping!

  24. I love my Tri Mode and Valco Baby products. This looks like no exception to their quality. Thank you for the great review!

  25. I love the upgrades on this stroller! The larger basket is a definite plus with twin infants and a toddler. Just going out for a walk requires a lot of gear!! The easier fold is a definite plus as well. And the larger canopy?! Yes, please! Gotta keep that Alabama sun off my babes!

  26. Okay I cant pick one favorite…. im in NEED of this stroller! 4 kids 4yo and younger! 4yo, twins are 20 mo and newborn next week!! 😉
    All of my favorites include: canopies, storage basket underneath, smaller footprint, joey seat compatibility, storage pockets on rear of seats, seat recline mechanism and probably favorite favorite would be the new fold and especially the auto lock!!!!!!!!! The only thing better would be a built in parent console!

  27. I LOVE everything about this stroller. I have a snap duo and love it but this one would be awesome to win for when we have a 3rd baby. I never enter giveaways but this one is definitely worth my time to enter. 🙂

  28. I want this stroller so badly! I saw a mom pushing it a while back at the mall, and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since! This giveaway even ends on my due date! Perfect!

  29. We’re in the market for a double as Baby #2 will be here soon! I love the all-terrian wheels and those crazy, huge canopies!! Woah. And the fact that it folds into itself, keeping the seats clean. Do you know what car seat adapters are currently available?

  30. The fold on this updated model is amazing – and I love the flat recline and head support. Makes it truly compatible from birth

  31. I love that this accommodates little ones and toddlers. Having a 45 pound capacity per seat is pretty awesome, especially when you have a kid in the ninetieth percentile.! So many great features. Do the seat pads come off for washing? I really like to be able to through stuff in the wash machine.

  32. This is a dream for a momma of 2 or more! Love the slimmer design, and canopies Oooh and storage perfect for shopping. Ok ok I love it all lol!!

  33. Living in south Florida, I love the canopies being so huge! 🙂 protects both my babies from the sun! Also like that it can be a 3 baby stroller! hey you never know! 🙂 This would be perfect for my boys right now because i have no stroller for them now …:Thanks!

  34. Just one thing I like about the new valco? That’s a hard one when all its features are catering to a all terrain busy mom! I love the easiness of getting to the storage basket, the smoothness, the bigger child accommodations, and the versatility of this stroller! From sidewalks to playground. Pretty awesome stroller!

    • My name is Chalena pronounce Shaylena…is your the same pronouncing? I was just curious I don’t hear it very often or at all.

  35. I love the individual canopies and how big the storage is!! I have 3 kids under the age of 4 so I carry a lot of stuff! 🙂

  36. Wow! Amazing features! I really like that the canopy goes all the way down.. And look how small it fold down to! Impressive!

  37. I am absolutely so excited about the huge canopies my children get sunburn very easily, also they are very nice for naps and to keep their privacy. Wherever I go with my Valco I always get tons of compliments and people saying they wish they had one like mine especially when I have the Joey seat attached my son loves riding up there. I really like the color fabric of the newest model.

  38. This stroller is 100% the perfect stroller. I made the mistake of buying a front and back stroller for my boys and it is So hard to handle. I wish I would have seen this stroller before my purchase ? .. Love everything about it

  39. I love that I can add a toddler seat and have a stroller that will accommodate my newborn, one year old and three year old!

  40. This stroller is pretty awesome sauce! Just make sure to look behind the fabric for the missing pieces ?

  41. I love that this newer version has a more compact fold than the older model. I also love the large canopies. Larger canopies means people can’t pun their grimy hands on my babes, it’s darker for nap time, and they can’t get sunburn because their whole
    Bodies are covered!!

  42. This stroller is absolutely amazing. I love the new changes they’ve made, and this would be a perfect addition to our family!

  43. Honestly, If there is one giveaway I’m truly Praying with all of my heart for. “IT IS TRULY THIS ONE!” I want it And NEED IT SO BADLY!” This would make life with 4 amazing boys and our newest addition on the way so much easier when on the go! I truly love every single new upgraded feature! It’s truly so hard to pick just one. But can I break it down to my Top 3 ? “Huge Storage Basket, Extra Large Canopy, & adjustable footrests to grow with each child! Oh wait, let me add 2 more…. LOL “The one hand recline with mesh Windows for airflow and also the easy fold and lock for packing it to go! Ok I Love EVERY FEATURE!
    This is truly the Cadilac of Double Strollers for this Family! And man oh Man would I be in tears of joy and jumping (well trying too ??) all over the house to be chosen as the BEYOND GRATEFUL WINNER! Thank you both so much for this amazing and very loving and generous chance at such a huge blessing! Xoxo-Holly & Family

  44. I have been waiting to see what Valco was going to come out with! I love it. The canopies would be amazing here in Texas for our zoo trips!

  45. Oh my goodness! What’s not to love about this upgrade?! 😀 I especially love those canopies! Oh, but the basket, too! Fabulous! 🙂

  46. Loving the canopy on this stroller! The overall look of this stroller is great. What a wonderful opportunity for someone to win it!

  47. I love the adjustable foot rests!! My first never slept in her stroller once and we walk about 3-4 times a week! I wonder if number two will?!

  48. Double stroller with an extra seat add on, or infant seat add on? Yes, please! Sign me up! I’m a foster parent so that kind of flexibility is really appealing.

  49. I really love the canopy! Great for not only keeping the sun out of babies eyes, but the wind as well. Also, love the drone use in your video!

  50. I LOVE the canopies on this- especially all the mesh pieces so the kids can get air. The giant basket is also nice, bc 2 kids means a lot of stuff! 😉

  51. I love that there’s a 3rd seat option. Having daycare kids, I never know how many under 3 kids I might have. (As kids leave and new ones come in)

  52. I love the large canopies, it is hard to find a canopy that will cover your child even when fully reclined!!! Wish they were making a carrycot/bassinet : (

  53. I love the huge canopies!! That is awesome for sun protection in our Florida heat!! The new fold and slimmer profile are great too!

  54. Love the compact fold & streamline look. Doesn’t seem too bulky for a double stroller. Would love to win this so I can be ready for # 2.

  55. My favorite feature of this stroller besides the canopies has to be that it can become a triple stroller. It’s like the Bumbleride Indie but seems so much better for the amount you pay. Love it.

  56. The storage is A-Ma-Zing!!! Having 11 month old twins it is all about storage. I also love the individual recline! If one baby is Sleepy they can kick back and snooze and the other can be up and nosey lol.

  57. Thank you so much for this review. I’ve been looking into this brand as week as others as we NEED a new double stroller!

  58. This looks like a beauty!!! Baby #5 is coming soon and I could really really use it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  59. Wow! This stroller rocks!!!! I can’t be anymore excited that Torrey my chance at winning this! Would love the double! Thanks for the chance! Love your Facebook live posts! Xoxoxoxoxo

  60. OMG this is my dream stroller. I love the huge canopies and large storage basket! But every feature is great!

  61. This would be so great for my twin boys!! I love that huge storage and how easy it compacts down and stays secure. This would be wonderful!!

  62. I love all things Valco! Seriously the best stroller I could have invested in. Would love to try this new model of the tri duo tri mode!

  63. ‘I love love love this stroller and could really use it. Thank you for being so amazing including help for the quintuplites, and for helping me really get to know every product. I appreciate it.

  64. Love the ability to extend the canopies! My sister in law just found out she’s pregnant with baby #3 (not planned) and she’s going to be in need of a double stroller to use with the baby and her 3 yr old daughter with special needs!

  65. I looove the huge canopies! Also I think the little best storage pockets would come in handy. It’s the little things in life..


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