Valentine’s Day Etsy style for kids

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner but you still have time to get your little one a last minute outfit or be inspired to make one yourself. Thanks to the lovely and talented people at Etsy, here are some of our favorite designs for your little Valentine.


XOXO Valentine’s Day shirt $23

 I’m big on shirts and outfits that are meant for a holiday but can be worn all year. This XOXO shirt is perfect for year-round cuteness.

 Valentine’s Day Robot $20

 For boys, this little loveable robot is perfect for year-round style with a little love mixed in. While I doubt my 9-year-old would wear it, I know my 2 and 4-year-old would!

 Valentine’s Day So Handsome Tie Tee $16.50

 With the classic Tie tee, you can’t go wrong! This Etsy seller offers a wide variety of options allowing you to customize the color, pattern and details of the tie. Add a heart for Valentine’s Day or just to say I Love You to your little guy.

 Valentine’s Day Rosette Heart tee $22.95

 What little girl doesn’t like frilly flowers let alone 3D flowers on a shirt? If I were 4 again, I would start acting like the little girl with the fluffy unicorn on Despicable Me.

Valentine’s Day Love Bugs Onesies for Twins $44

 The thought of raising twins has scared me but boy do I hold a special place in my heart for moms of twins. I seriously don’t know how you do it. However I love that you can dress two babies! It’s double the fun all the time (literally) and this set makes me a little jealous. I’m not going to lie.

Baby Love Newborn Valentine’s Day Tutu $30

 Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without a frilly red tutu for your new little Valentine. Are your ovaries aching? Mine are.