Valentine’s Day Crafts for Toddlers

I love crafts with my son. It’s so much fun to see his artistic skills growing with every project that we do. I am always trying new things with him, and constantly scouring Pinterest for new ideas. For Valentine’s Day, I found a few things that we will be trying out. All of the ideas below are easy and designated for a toddler or younger child with adult help. We have a problem with my son still “tasting” everything (I think he gets that from his Dad…he used to taste random stains on his shirts to figure out what it was…no thanks, I’m not up for that gamble. Especially being a mom) so because he does, I have to find crafts that work around (or with) that!


Photo Source: No Time For Flash Cards
Photo Source: No Time For Flash Cards

Simple Heart Craft Do you remember making those coffee filter crafts back in kindergarten? That’s pretty much the idea with this craft. I like it because I won’t be handing markers over to my child, but instead I will hand him a water dropper. He is still having fun with it, and I don’t have to worry about him trying to eat the marker.

Photo Source: Bliss and Misc
Photo Source: Bliss and Misc

Pretty Painting I’ve seen this done on straight canvas, but I do like the cleaner look of the frame. Either way, we’ve done one of these with my son before and he loved it. Although, he doesn’t like really getting messy so we give him a paint brush. So much fun though!


Bird Feeder I don’t know what kind of weather you guys are having right now, but here in Michigan it’s kind of a weird winter. Well, I should say it’s a perfectly Michigan winter. Some day’s it is raining or snowing, and some days it’s just cold. Perfect weather to pull out this craft and in turn we get to watch the pretty red cardinals. (Sweet and Simple Living)

edible crayons

Edible Heart Crayons They had me at edible. My son is famous for eating crayons. Yuck. The recipe is pretty simple, and I did find coconut oil (refined) in the pharmacy section of our grocery store by all the supplements. They do mention on the recipe for this that the crayons will melt. And they will. The coconut oil is semi solid but when you start to hold it, it really becomes melty.

tissue heart

“Tissue Bleed” Hearts The effect of the tissue paper bleeding onto the cardstock is almost like watercolors. It’s very pretty, and an extremely simple process. Put the tissue paper on in strips (a few at a time), give your child a paint brush that is watered down and let them “paint.” Let it dry for about 10 minutes then peel off the still wet tissue paper. How easy is that?

Which Valentine’s Day craft will you be trying? Let us know below!