Versatile baby blanket from Rain or Shine Kids.

My favorite baby/toddler  blanket is hands down our fleece blanket from Rain or Shine Kids.  These adorable blankets are generously sized for babies at 29″ x 40″.  They have so many uses which is why they are our favorite blanket.  When your baby needs some extra warmth in their infant car seat carrier the blanket can be tied to the sides keeping it secure whether in the car or out and about.  This is the only blanket I feel comfortable using in the stroller since I can tie it on and feel confident it won’t be getting tossed or end up in the wheels.  The Rain or Shine Kids blanket is also the only blanket I can use with my baby carrier.  Once you tie it to the straps your baby will be warm and cozy and I even use the extra flap to help shade my baby and coax her into sleeping.

If you tie the straps together the blanket makes a great nursing cover.  Have no worries on drizzly or snowy days because the blanket’s backing is water resistant.  This water resistant backing makes it a great play mat for outdoors.  The Rain or Shine Kids blanket is the lightest blanket for the cold weather.  They also make an all weather WooBee blanket that will keep your little one warm in any weather.  For the summers they make an ultralight organic cotton blanket that will keep your kids cool and protected from the sun with a UPF rating of 30+.

-Contributed by Melissa

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Melissa Jarotkiewicz, Editor Melissa received a BS degree in Civil Engineering and is the proud stay at home mother of thing 1 and thing 2. Being the wife of an Air Force pilot means being the only parent for days, weeks and even months at a time. This chaotic and unpredictable life of a military mom calls for some serious retail therapy and Melissa puts her focus on baby gear and unfortunately for her husband the deal-a-day baby sites. Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, Melissa has lived in FL, OK, WA and just recently moved to Germany. She enjoys spending time with friends and family and watching college football in the fall. Go Irish!

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We LOVE our RoSK blankets too! The WooBee was given to us as a gift & we wanted a second so we purchased their fleece b blanket. We use them all year for everything. Who knew something as simple as adding ribbon ties to a water blanket would turn it into a piece of awesome baby gear. Have you seen the new RoSK CityScape blankets? I am dying for the Paris blankets in black/pink – so flippin’ cool.