VTech Activity Cube Coming this Fall (VIDEO Sneak Peek)

I love toys that are educational.  Toys that a baby or toddler can use to explore and discover new things is at the top  of my list.  I want my kids to play with fun products but it’s a bonus if they are learning and building their developmental skills. VTech is obviously right there with me.  This Fall, VTech will introduce the Alphabet Activity Cube designed specifically for children 9-36 months.

The Alphabet Activity Cube is an electronic toy that lets little ones play, discover and learn. The cube is stocked with features that focus on building developmental skills.

Teaching the ABCs is easy and fun while playing with the cube’s 13 building blocks with all 26 letters of the alphabet on them. Each letter can be stacked on the top of the cube for building activities and the added benefit of developing fine and gross motor skills. Additionally, the building blocks can be snapped into the block reader to learn more about each letter.

The learning continues with the cubes other interactive activities, including five piano keys, a number keypad and a telephone. Little ones can practice visual and verbal number recognition with the number keypad. The telephone provides opportunities for role playing and more practice with numbers. Children have fun and make music with the five piano keys, all while exercising motor skills and learning musical tones.

The other sides of the cube include exciting mechanical elements that stimulate the senses and teach cause and effect, such as a pin maze, shape sorter that leads to a storage area, sliders, turning gears, a mirror and more.

The VTech Alphabet Activity Cube will be available nationwide in Fall 2012 retailing for $49.99. We got a sneak peek of the VTech Activity Cube at Toy Fair 2012 and captured some sneak peek video.