VTech Cogsley Educational Robot Toy Coming this Fall (Sneak Peek Video)

Another big toy from VTech for this Fall is a fun little robot named Cogsley!  He’s not just a toy robot but an educational robot that is going to make learning fun for your 3-6 year old. While the pre-production Cogsley was a little finicky and hard to hear (thanks to the noisy people jibber-jabbering in the VTech room!) during our video sneak peek, we definitely think he’ll be taking the 2012 holiday toy season by storm.

Cogsley comes with a set of 30 chips (round plastic tokens) that feature letters, words and pictures on them that are recognized by the robot on his LCD display, triggering a variety of responses including movements, sounds, images and animations. By using the chips, Cogsley teaches children basics such as letters, counting, words, manners (love this!) and even basic phrases in Spanish, French, Chinese and German. Now if Cogsley could just convince my 5 year old that clean-up is fun, he’d be perfect!

We all know kids are fans of music, so I love that Cogsley can get down and boogey with chips that make him sing, dance and exercise!  And if you are worried about all those chips getting lost, VTech thought about that too! Cogsley sports a storage backpack to carry his chips!

Cogsley is full of personality and movement too, making this the ultimate educational and interactive friend for kids. He is equipped with five interactive body movements including twistable ears and a spinning nose and eyes, all enhancing children’s motor skills. All Cogsley wants to do is teach and play – if children stop paying attention to him, he’ll let them know it by responding with funny comments. The robot even features a sound detector; clap, sing or shout and the robot will hear you and respond with a variety of expressions and movements, providing endless entertainment. Don’t spin those eyes too much though or Cogsley will tell you that he is getting dizzy.

Cogsley will be available nationwide in Fall 2012 and retail for $39.99. While it’s not a perfect representation of everything Cogsley will do (and we wish that the people in the room could have kept it down while we were filming!) – here is a sneak peek video from Toy Fair 2012 of this new robot toy from VTech.