VTech Switch & Go Dinos Available Now

VTech Dinos

Remember back in February when we introduced you to the new VTech Switch & Go Dinos? Well, they are finally here! Yep, these toys that create a fun 2-in-1 play experience by combining dinosaurs and vehicles are now available in stores! This is going to be a HOT toy for the holidays! Did we just say holidays?!? Yep, we have to start thinking about what will be the hottest holiday toys so we can grab them early.  We don’t want to be scouring Ebay and paying ridiculous prices when they sell out and little Johnny insists this is the ONLY thing he has ever wanted for Christmas during his entire short, little life!! 🙂

The new VTech Switch & Go Dinos line will feature seven different dinosaur toys:

  • Brok the Brachiosaurus
  • Span the Spinosaurus
  • Attila the Ankylosaurus
  • Sliver the T-Rex
  • T-Don the Pteranodon
  • Tonn the Stegosaurus
  • Horns the Triceratops

You can pick these up at Amazon.com or retailers nationwide!

Here is your sneak peek at these toys that we filmed in February: