Walt Disney World with Kids Day Two

It’s time for another episode of Walt Disney World with Kids! If you’ve ever wondered why Walt Disney World is so exhausting, watch this video. Our day started at 6:30am and didn’t end until after midnight. There were parks to visit, rides to ride, conference sessions to attend to, an after-hours party at Typhoon Lagoon to stop at and much, much more. Even though the kids were completely wiped by the end of the day, they took it in stride and had a great time.

In this Day 2 vlog at the Disney Social Media Moms conference, you’ll also meet a couple of my friends who happened to also be my conference buddies and go along with us into an empty (and closed!) Hollywood Studios to visit a few of our Star Wars friends (hint: one was Chewbacca!!) at the Star Wars Launch Bay. One of the jawas even stole my camera to get a few selfies of his own.

Of all the things we did this day, the beach party at Typhoon Lagoon at the end of the day complete with Disney desserts, music, characters and fireworks has got to be my favorite. The entire family and all our conference friends had a great time!

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