Want a peak at the new BOB?

Want a peak at the new BOB?

While browsing the google shopping function an unfamiliar image was found.  It kind of looked like a BOB but new and improved.  Oh my gosh she stumbled upon a photo of the new BOB!  Thanks for the find jacksmoma.  The 2011 BOB should be released in Feb.  What do you think of the new look?

Want a peak at the new BOB?
Want a peak at the new BOB?Want a peak at the new BOB?There is the new purple.  It will be available in the single BOB only.  I am loving the new refined look.  I feel like I should start calling him Robert.  Tell us.  Do you love it, was it worth the wait?  BOBs also have a new price to reflect their new looks.   The single revolution is $429 and the duallie is $629.  Available now at REI.

Want a peak at the new BOB?

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  1. I’d like to know how the heat molding seats handle in the heat. Is the material breathable? Does the molding get sticky or hot in warm weather?

  2. @Kallie – the new 2011 Baby Jogger City Select has an awesome purple/plum color. Love it so much! Also available in the double seat.

    I want the plum, but we’re getting the red.

  3. The new adapters will only fit the following infant seats:
    Single: Graco, Peg Perego and Chicco
    Duallie: Graco only (not avail. until March/April)
    *Best part is that you can now take the adapter bar or snack tray on and off of the stroller

    The “big” news is that BOB has not had any major changes to their Bob Revolution stroller in over 6 years. Enjoy the ride!

    Here are 2 other informational sites you might enjoy

  4. The 2011 model is far nicer than the previous version. We got a chance to personally test it out at our local store. Both my sons LOVED it. The seating is much nicer and padded for the little guys. The ride is smooth as always. The canopy far exceeds the previous model as well. It does extend all the way down to completely cover the child. It even has a little peek-a-boo flap on top of the canopy. It looks sleek and modern. Standing next to the older model, the 2011 Bob Revolution will out impress the future buyer. We will be purchasing the Bob Duallie tommorrow!

  5. Rick, I never said the dimensions changed from the 2010 to the 2011. I was simply answering a question someone had regarding the 2011 dimensions and provided them from the site I found. You are correct, the dimensions are the same…. except when I called the company a representative did tell me that the depth did change to be an inch deeper… so I guess that will remain to be seen after Feb 1st.

  6. Hi Tracy,

    Just want to clarify that the dimensions provided are actually from the old Bob, however noting has changed in that department.


  7. Opps forgot to mention that the dimensions I gave are for
    where the child actually sits, not the dimensions of the whole
    stroller, just to clarify…

  8. I read today that the dimensions for the 2011 are 15W X 21H
    X 10 inches deep. The new model will have an adapter for the Chicco
    infant seat. They also have a different snack tray/cup holder for
    the kids offered… Thank goodness for that the other one was
    horrible. For those of you wondering where I got some of my info,
    here is a site I found today.

  9. They have the new one at Buy Buy Baby, I saw them there on the 22nd. I am not a father yet, so no experience, but as an engineer, and comparing side by side the new vs. the old, we are waiting to get the new.

  10. I am also glad that I purchased the mountain buggy terrain. I have the 2009 bob duallie and I do love it. however I really wanted a stroller with handle adjustment. I was condsidering a single bob until I met the mountain buggy terrain/ bought from the wonderful babyontherun.com

  11. I like the new more urban look and color combos. I couldn’t
    pass up the great prices on the 2010 models and ended up purchasing
    one instead.

  12. I was hoping for more hearoom for bigger kids but I have
    been staring at the 2010 and 2011 side by side for like an hour and
    I don’t see how it is higher. Is it just me? I also agree, the
    footwell looks alot smaller too, maybe it looks like that because
    it is not covered in fabric anymore? Anyone know about the canopy
    height? Tammy

  13. Does anyone know if it will recline flat? Also i’m not
    entirely sure, but the seat back looks a little less hammocky
    because the fabric looks ‘heartier’ and more padded…

  14. Hi, The canopy will extend as long as the older models
    will. Those are just stock photos and don’t tell the whole

  15. I’m with Daniele. I’m glad I didn’t buy the single BOB I
    wanted this past summer because my seven month old is going to be a
    big sister this summer! Although I am super stoked for getting a
    nice 2011 double stroller- I’m so color oriented and looks like my
    new stroller won’t be a BOB for this reason. 🙁 (Yeaah yeah call me
    shallow, but I need to LOVE it and LOVE the color to spend the big

  16. I have to say I am soo glad I went with the Mountain Buggy
    2010 Terrain, the changes that I would have hoped for on the BOB
    don’t appear to have happened. I do however like the new

  17. Like the idea of the “heat molding” seat, but prefer the sportier look on the old ones. Not sure about that plastic front piece. Seems like it will get scratched up and possibly cracked easier?

  18. I really wish they would offer all the colors in the double. Just because we have 2 kids and require a bigger stroller doesn’t mean we don’t want to look good. I guess I will have to go with the Bumbleride in order to get a great color in a double.

  19. Looks awesome! I wonder if I can swing replacing my 2009???
    For all of you concerned about the canopy, I think the pix just are
    only showing it half extended. If you look close you can see the
    extra fabric tucked away

  20. Not too impressed actually. Doesn’t look much different and
    if those sunshades are fully extended then there is no way I would
    buy one. Bob should know better than that! Guess I better get in on
    the 2010 clearance model Dualie before they are all sold

  21. Hi, just wanted to note that the new BOB stroller canopy
    will be just as generous as 2010 models. These photos only show one

  22. WOW–LOVE the new look! Much more sleek, love the more streamlined look, and REALLY like the new colors! (Esp. the gray/black!) Sigh….just waiting for the price tag to shake my head and say “oh well…if only”. 😉 (That goes for all of the new all-terrain doubles actually…) 🙂

  23. While it looks refined and really sleek, I’m a little disappointed in the reworked hood. As a current owner of a 2008 model BOB Revolution, I really appreciate the way my hood goes down twice…It’s been very handy on many occasions with napping babies and sun. I’ve always found it to be a downfall of many friends’ strollers when they don’t go down nearly enough to really block out the sun!

    Perhaps if I’m really thinking about the BOB duelie, I should get it soon!

  24. It’s OK…but I like my old one more! Does the shade cover come down more than what they are showing in the picture? If not, thats disappointing! I love that mine goes all the way down over my daughter! and she loves it too! It keeps out the sun, wind, rain..etc. This new one looks like the kids will be left out in the cold 🙁


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