Want to Design Your Own Crib Bedding? (VIDEO)

Want to Design Your Own Crib Bedding? (VIDEO)

We introduced you to the great company, Carousel Designs, last fall.  They have a fabulous online service called DYOBB or Design Your Own Baby Bedding.

Carousel Designs recently launched a new upgraded version (Version 3.0) of its popular Nursery Designer.  The new version offers expectant parents more options than ever before for designing and decorating their nursery.

With the Carousel Designs Nursery Designer, you can mix and match fabrics and component styles, change the color of the nursery walls, choose a crib finish and pick flooring to design a virtual nursery.  An expanded range of crib colors and flooring options are offered with Nursery Designer Version 3.0, allowing for customers to experience a more accurate visualization of their nursery.

We decided to put the Carousel Designs Nursery Designer to the test.  And we caught it all on tape for you!  Check out our latest Baby Gizmo Video Segment on Designing Our Own Bedding by clicking the video below:


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  2. i wish people from Australia can buy from Carousel.. there is no online shop that has what Carousel has.. please make Carousel ship to Australia.. u will get so much business

  3. What a great review!! Thanks for sharing this website with us and taking us on this very cool journey…I’ve already shared this with all of my expecting and soon-to-be-expecting girlfriends!!

  4. I have several designs saved in my design center! I love this site. Now we are just waiting to find out what we are having and then choose from there. It is kinda pricey but our family is helping us as a gift. I am an interior design major so I absolutely loved being able to design my own baby bedding!


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