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  1. I don’t do free anymore because they are normally littered with ads. Ads that stop the game from playing and cause my son to go into a panic attack.

    The games also link out to third party sites a lot as well.

    What exactly did your son get for $24.99?

    I’m sure iTunes will fix this. I had issues with some stuff in the past and they’ve been really great in refunding/fixing the problem.

  2. I’m one of those parents who let their children play with their iPhone too. My 4 year old knew how to use an iPhone before I did because his dad has had one since day one of the iPhone. I don’t see a problem with it when you’re out to eat if it keeps them quiet, or on a long drive so they have something else to do. That being said, I worried something like this might happen. Somehow, I stumbled upon a setting to disable in app purchases. I’m so glad I found that. There’s been several times my son asked why something wasn’t working and it’s because he ran out of the “free” ones and had to buy more. I hope iTunes will work with you and you get your money back. That’s quite a charge for a “free” app.

  3. There is a way to disable the ability to make in app purchases! Go to Settings>General>Restrictions. Scroll down to Allowed Content, and click In-App Purchases to change from on to off. I had an issue where I received a bill for in app purchases I didn’t make. Turns out someone was using my account gift card credit for their own app.

  4. Hi Hollie,

    this happens because when you once type your password for downloading the app, iTunes has 15 more minutes to remeber it, so if your son has made in-app purchase, even if he did not know he is doing that, iTunes allowed him to make the purchase, because your password was still active..So next time you download an app for your child, please let 15 minutes (at least) pass and than give the phone to them – otherwise you will run out of all money 😀 😀


  5. Looks like he had to purchase “doodle bucks” to purchase items at the dino zoo store. If it’s advertised as “free,” they shouldn’t charge you to purchase things to play. Good luck.

  6. That happened to me once as well. There’s a place in the settings where you can turn on needing a password to make purchases. Hasn’t happened since 🙂

  7. Out of fear my toddler would do something similar, I googled it and found instructions on how to turn off in app purchases for ipads and iphones…

    Go to “Settings” -> “General”.
    Scroll to “Restrictions” and tap the “Enable Restrictions” button.
    You’ll be asked to set a passcode which will be used to lock certain iOS functions.
    Scroll down to the “Allowed Content” section and slide the “In-App Purchases” to “Off.”


  8. I am thankful that in the android market and games if you want to purchase extras that cost $ you have to enter a credit card number. I also have given my 4 yo my phone to keep her quiet for a few min while I finish something but there is no way (that I have found so far) that she can purchase anything without me typing info in.

    Thanks for this info though since I am contemplating switching phones and the iPhone is on the list of possibilities.

  9. This happened to me also and the charge was removed! I think iTunes needs to eliminate all apps like this not fair to waste our time and their time fixing problems!

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