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We All Lie To Our Kids

Don’t deny it; we’ve all done it. We’ve all lied to our kids about one thing or another.

Sometimes we lie out of love: Baxter went to live on a farm so he’d have room to run and chase squirrels and be so happy!

Sometimes we lie out of convenience: The sky is blue because it’s my favorite color so I made it be that way. Now stop asking, “Why?”

Sometimes we lie to protect their innocence: That toy you found in mommy and daddy’s nightstand is a microphone for singing karaoke!

And sometimes we lie without realizing it: No, mommy’s not upset with you. I’m just tired.

Here are a few more bluffs, exaggerations, fibs, and flat out lies I’ve told my kid:

  • Sorry, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is broken right now!
  • The sun is still sleeping, so you need to keep sleeping, too.
  • Broccoli and pork chops are Cinderella’s favorite foods! Eat like Cinderella!
  • We’re almost home! Don’t fall asleep yet! (We usually are not almost home)
  • I don’t have any candy [in my bag] [in the cabinet] [by my bed].
  • This popsicle is yucky.
  • It’s too cold to go outside/play on the playground (on a perfectly sunny, warm day).
  • The store ran out of toys. They don’t have any right now.
  • If you take a nap right now, you’ll get to go play with your best friend later! (After she wakes up) I’m sorry, Sally got in trouble with her mommy so she can’t come play anymore.
  • Don’t touch the Xbox button—it’s hot! Ouchie!
  • YOU WON! (She didn’t win.)
  • No, mommy is drinking water too, just like you! Mine is just black water. The bubbles are from the ice melting. You wouldn’t like black water.
  • That animal on the side of the road is just taking a nap.
  • Mommy and daddy were just hugging.

lies parents tell

What funny lies have you told your kids?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.