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  1. What’s the difference between using an elf as a threat or flat out threatening with a toy or playtime? Or time out even. They’re all threats really. It’s behavior modification, something we have to deal with our whole lives. Don’t show up to work on time, lose your job. So I think it’s fine. While there could be an argument for toys/Christmas being a good reason for threats, who knows? But I think this is a cute and clever way of teaching kids there’s a reason to behave. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could just say behave and they said okay!?!?

  2. We have Elf on the Shelf too….but we also did that portable north pole video and my almost 6 year old got her note today but since she has been a horrible listener this past year and likes to pick fights with her sisters (poor kid, she is the middle child though, lol), Santa said she hadn’t quite made it to the nice list yet and she was almost about to cry (yes, I felt bad) but my point was hoping it would teach her that listening and following directions is important and that santa is watching. In the video, he told her that she still had time to be on the nice list so guess what? She ate all of her dinner, cleaned up her mess of toys downstairs in the basement family room, even cleaned her room and has gotten along well with her siblings. I guess it worked…and our Elf on the Shelf “Hermione” (who is showcasing Elf on the Shelf Couture this year with a skirt), will be leaving a note tomorrow when my daughter finds her dangling from her legs on the chandelier, ha ha! I so love this time of year!

  3. I love Elf on a Shelf. I actually used him in my Special Ed classroom for several years before a new students parent threw a fit about my “foisting a mythological being upon her child”, meaning I told him there’s a nice big fat guy named Santa. I wish I could still use my elf, classroom behavior was almost perfect from Thanksgiving break to Winter Break. Elf is moving to my house next Christmas, when my son will be old enough to figure out the Naughty/Nice:Santa relationship. (He’ll be almost 2 next year…)

  4. HA! I wish I had thought of this!!! I had a video “sent” to my son (oldest, 4yrs old) from from santa reminding him that he always has to be nice to his sister and brother or santa won’t be able to bring his super awesome christmas gift that he’s been wanting… Today, it’s been working… Hopefully it keeps working… *sigh*
    sometimes, you just gotta do what you gotta do….

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