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  1. Oh my gosh. I just started crying reading this. I always wanted girls only, no boys, and God blessed me with 2 girls and we are done. I’m so glad you finally got your wish. I am sure she will rule the house in no time, if she hasn’t already.

  2. this makes me want a girl (although i truly would be just as happy with a boy for #3). i have 2 boys now and they are so sweet. my mom and i are really BFFs so i would like that for myself too…

  3. awe I’m in tears! I had 2 boys and cried hard at the Ultra sound for my 3rd when the Lady said its a Boy! I was sooooooo sad. by the time i was pg with #4 and had my u/s it really didn’t matter and then I got my girl(followed by 2 more wouldn’t trade my boys in for girls but oh boy is it a diff relationship then I have with my only baby girl(now 11yr)

  4. I had 2 boys and was convinced it was a boy my third pregnancy. I was too scared to hear the gender at the ultrasound appt so we had the tech write it on a paper in an envelope. I asked my hubby to open it in the car and he said “it’s a boy.” disappointed I asked to see the paper and sure enough it was a girl. He wanted a girl as much as I did…we both cried. My hubby is 1of 3boys and always wanted a girl of his own. After both my pregnancies happened on the first try with my boys it took a few months of trying to get prego the third time. Well my daughter was born a few days early last dec 22. My 5and3year old boys dote on their baby sister, I love the pink and girls things and my hubby loves having “a daddy’s little girl.”

  5. I had a hunch from the moment I found out that I was pregnant that I was having a girl. We never even thought of a boy’s name. At our 20 week ultrasound, I was so glad that I was right! I would have loved a boy, too, but something in my gut said girl.

  6. Congratulations! We are expecting our first boy (any day now) after having 2 girls and I felt the same way you did. It is so much fun to shop for the opposite sex and the clothes are new and different. Best of health for the rest of your pregnancy. 🙂

  7. I just had my 4th girl and I knew she was a girl from the beginning. No surprise at all despite everyone else hoping for a boy. I would love to have a boy but my girlies are too much fun. Great article! 🙂

  8. Beautiful! Congrats! Enjoy shopping. You will go nuts, it’s inevitable. There are so many cute girl things out there!

  9. Awww, what a cute story. Brought me back years ago when I was at labor and delivery of #4 when my first 3 kids were boys I really hoped for a girl. As soon as the baby was born they announced “It’s a Girl” and I kept saying over and over “Are you sure?” I just couldn’t believe it since all we had in the family was boys and no girls on either side. Now I have 6 boys and 2 girls. Very blessed.

  10. We have 4 amazing and very boyish boys here. When I got pregnant with number 5 I assumed I was destine to only have boys. We have not peeked at the gender for the last 4 children.

    Turns out #5 was a girl. I never knew how much I wanted a daughter until I had one. I was stunned. I cried for three weeks and prayed I wouldn’t damage her somehow. I was a mess. shes a year old now and were expecting again. girl / boy who knows but inside I want another girl so she can have a sister

  11. What a touching story! My husband and I have three children and it was important to us for the first one not to find out the gender. I couldn’t tell you why it was important to us, but we both agreed and it worked out well for us. I was sure we were going to have a girl – we had a boy. Our second child we were on the same page with one another again, but wanted to know the gender. I had a strong feeling it was another boy and sure enough – it was. But somehow knowing the gender changed a lot for delivery and the process. After experiencing both ways we truly enjoyed not finding out the gender and all of the additional excitement etc (so hard to explain it all) that comes along with the reveal on delivery day. Having two sons I was secretly wishing for a daughter as well, but had prepared myself that it was going to be a boy. To my surprise – and everyone else’s that we know – we had a girl! I had a c-section and my biggest memory of that day was my husband cutting the cord and talking with nurses about how much shopping is be doing as a result of our new daughter! Ha ha. Congrats on adding a girl to your brood.

  12. I completely know how you feel about wanting a girl. Two boys in, I really hope our next is a girl too. And while I know that we’ll get what God knows is best for our family, I pray we agree that means much more pink. Because of the public perception tha every family needs both sexes I got an earful of sympathies after finding out our second was a boy. This next time, we’re not finding out because I would hate for my boys to feel for 5 months that they’re not as special as the growing girl or the growing boy to hear sympathies and disappointment. No one is sad looking into the face of their precious baby. Congratulations and sprinkle some girlie dust our way please!

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