We had a Fijit Dance Party Playdate!

Mattel has introduced some new friends for your kids 6 and up.  They are called Fijit friends and they were created when a gooey science experiment was brought to life by the power of music – or that’s how the story goes.   This interactive, electronic toy can talk, dance and laugh along with your child. 

These little robot creatures are fun but a manageable size to make the perfect friend to carry around.  They stand 8.6 inches tall and weigh only 1.6 lbs.  While the Fijit’s head is hard – the body is uniquely soft and squishy.  It’s reminds me of a soft, flexible silicone.  The colorful face lights up when interacting with your child to let them know Fijit is listening.  The best thing about the Fijits is that it is interactive.  It will dance, tell jokes, laugh, sleep or chat. 

We had the opportunity to throw a Fijit Dance Party Playdate and we jumped at the chance.  The Fijit arrived at our house the week before the playdate so that my daughter could get to know her.  Yes, our Fijit is a girl.  Her name is Willa (Mattel named her!) and she is purple.  There are four different Fijits available all with their own personality.

Once the party date arrived – we were all set to go. To make the dance party fun – we were ready with feather boas, sparkly necklaces, sunglasses and bracelets to help our 4 playdate friends get in the dancing mood.  We even made some purple cake pops for break time when the dancing got out of hand.  (Willa picked the color for the cake pops!  She likes purple!)

My daughter introduced Willa the Fijit to her friends and they were immediately smitten.  They all took turns talking to Willa and the biggest hit was the dancing and jokes.  At first, Willa didn’t understand some of the quieter girls but once they got the hang of how to talk to Willa – the party was on.  You see, you have to talk clearly and loud enough for Willa to hear without yelling at her and hurting her feelings.  Sure, the girls had to repeat themselves often to Willa but that is because there was either too much background noise or the girls weren’t speaking clearly enough.  It was funny to see Willa “go to sleep” quite a few times when the girls said “dance with me”.  Willa isn’t perfect.  Maybe she was just tired. 

Once the girls got to know Willa – the dance party was on.  We started by asking Willa “dance with me”.  Willa always responds with “your music or mine”.  We started with Willa’s music but then quickly moved onto ours.  We received a dance party CD in with Willa with some hopping music that we considered “ours”.  When the music started was when Willa really shined.  She dances along with the girls while moving her squishy body around.  Be careful not to set your Fijit on the edge of a table because she may fall off her with dance moves.

We also had some joke and chat time with Willa.  The girls laughed along with Willa’s jokes even though I could tell they didn’t understand some.  A big hit was when Willa just said random phrases like “you’re a cutie”. A Fijit recognizes 30 keywords and responds with over 150 phrases.  

Overall, the dance party playdate was a hit and the girls really liked Willa the Fijit.  Even when Willa didn’t understand the girls – they seems to think it was pretty funny.  Willa doesn’t understand everything, of course, but there is a cheat sheet with keywords to get the chat started.

If you want to see how our party went, click on our video that we made during the dance party playdate.  We would also like to thank our friends Sophia, Angeles, Kellen, Savannah & Genna for participating in our Fijit party!


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*I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Mattel Fijit Friends and received coupons and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.  Of course, all my opinions are my own!