We hear you! Popularity Contests Are So 2010! Photo Contest UPDATE!

We hear you loud and clear!  Unlike your husbands and your toddlers, we are listening!  We get it – voting for the photo contest winner is so last year.  You don’t like “popularity contests”. You don’t like begging friends and family to vote for your photo.  You don’t want to look like you have no friends.  You are mad because you live in Canada.  Oh wait, that’s just not fair.  Sorry, Canadian mamas! 🙂  

See, we were listening and we are going to do something about it!  We are changing some details on the Pimp My Crib Photo Contest and implementing these changes on any other photo contests that we may have (if we have any more!). 

Now, you can sit back and we’ll do all the heavy lifting.  All you have to do is submit a photo and that’s it.  Our Baby Gizmo judges will take it from there.  No more voting, begging and basically harassing everyone you know. 

Here is how it is going to work:

1)  We will pick 10 finalists from all the Pimp My Crib photo submissions to post on our Baby Gizmo Facebook page. (Deadline for photo submissions is still Friday, April 22, 2011.)

2)  Finalists will be posted on Facebook on Monday, April 25. 

3)  We will leave the photo finalists posted for 4 days (April 25 – April 28) for everyone to see.  Everyone (including the finalists friends and families) are more than welcome to comment on the photos to why they think that photo should win.  This is NOT a requirement!!  We just know that sometimes people want to give their opinions…try to sway the judges’ votes…just comment in general.  Your friends and family can try to sway the judges votes all they want, but it’s not gonna happen!  Again, the comments and “likes” will NOT count as votes!  Just a way for people to talk about the photos!

4)  Our Baby Gizmo Judges will then pick a winner from the finalists and the winner will be announced on Friday, April 29.

So, no more voting!  Just good old-fashioned submit your photo and we pick the winner kind of contest!  No more saying Baby Gizmo doesn’t listen to you!  🙂

To get all the information about the contest and how to enter:

Baby Gizmo Pimp My Crib Photo Contest

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MUCH better then a popularity contest!you ROCK Baby Gizmo!

Jennifer Kreisler

You ROCK for listening and taking action.




Yay! Now I can enter another contest and not end up looking desperate! Lol…

Rivka P


Deborah B

I do like that SO much better!! Thank you! 🙂


Its so nice how you listen to your fans!!! I love your website and FB page and will continue to be a regular visitor to them! :))) Keep up the good work!


Hallelujah! I haven’t wanted to enter any more of your photo contests after I saw how things “went down” in a contest I was finalist for last year. Just no fun when it’s a popularity contest and people are voting just for their friend’s picture even if it’s NOT the best of the bunch.

Beth Scoggin

Like this a lot more!!! Thank you 🙂 Submitted my photo this morning