Bilibo – The Cardboard Box of the 21st Century!

When I first laid eyes on the Bilibo, I thought “Wow, what is that?”  This egg-like shaped “creature” of a toy was different, very different!  So, what exactly is the Bilibo?  Well that’s actually the fabulous thing about this toy, it’s limited only by the creative imagination of your child!

The Bilibo, designed by the Swiss designer Alex Hochstrasser, is a toy created specifically for imaginative play, with no specific function or utilization purpose.  The Bilibo was created to allow children to become the inventor of this product – the child establishes the utility of this toy through their own passion for play!

The Bilibo is constructed of a very thick plastic that is very durable – I could stand on it with very little flex occurring.  This creature of many colors is also very attractive to young children, offered in bright blue, red, yellow, pink, orange and green.  The Bilibo is also offered in a mini size, perfect to use for sand, water and snow play.  When our tester first encountered this invention, she immediately put it on her head – a hat!  The Bilibo also quickly became a seat, which is also large enough to accommodate mom should your toddler insist!  Our Bilibos, both large and mini varieties, have also been storage for blocks, a spinning merry-go-round game, a cat hide-out, a balance board, a pool toy (perfect for dumping water on each other), a snack holder, a sand toy, the list goes on and on.  However, this toy is perfect for every season, indoors or out!  Believe it or not, adults love them to0!

Finally a toy that is more fun than the box it’s in – Bilibo is the cardboard box of the 21st century!

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-Contributed by Kori