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  1. We spent a summer out of the country when my daughter was 2 and about 30 lbs. She spent more time on my back than in a stroller. She got to see the world and I got to hike around with out being forced to stick to the paved paths. I didn’t find her too heavy. I have a Lillebabe carrier and it was great.

  2. How do you recognize that baby is hungry though? You take him out and put on breast regularly?
    I cant wait to put my lil one to the back carrier :)))) Shes already sooo curious 🙂 hope she enjoys the view from the top :))

  3. I wear my 3.5yo on my back just about every day in a toddler Tula. So much easier than carrying him in my arms when he’s tired and needs to be close!

  4. I actually like the Boba better then the ergo. The child’s head isnt as squished to you. They have a bit more freedom to move their head around. I love carrying my baby. So comfortable and natural.

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