Update: Goldilocks and the hair brush showdown

A couple of months ago I described our search for a painless hair brush for Thing 2.  We tried out the tangle teezer and the knot genie.  I promised I would try out the wet brush and I am glad to say we finally have.  For those that missed our first post I will recap by saying that Thing 2 has very fine but super straight hair.  She is frequently referred to as Einstein and its not because of her brilliant math skills.

I have to admit that we do prefer the new wet brush for several reasons.  One of the biggest flaws of the previously tested brushes were the lack of a traditional handle.  The wet brush does have the standard hair brush look, handle and all.  I love the traditional style.  It’s easier to use both on Thing 2 and on myself.

The bristles are different on the wet brush.  Again they are more traditional.  The tangle teezer and the knot genie feature bristles of various lengths.  The wet brush’s bristles are all the same length.  However they are different from traditional brushes due to how soft and flexible they are.  It really does a great job detangling wet or dry hair without pulling.  Thing 2 doesn’t say OUCH which is remarkable since it is the word I hear more then any other these days.

Lastly the wet brush is inexpensive.  It is less then half the price of the other brushes.  The wet brush is our go to brush these days.  The others still get used when the wet brush goes missing.  The handle and the super soft bristles really make this brush a winner.