What Exactly is Attachment Parenting?

attachment parentingWhen a woman becomes pregnant and jumps into the world of babies, she will probably stumble into the world or at least hear a lot about “attachment parenting” from friends, family and online. If this is your first time on the baby block, you may have no idea what attachment parenting actually means. To help explain this part of the parenting world, we turned to our expert friends at Pregnancy Magazine.

-by Sandra Hume

Is it baby bliss or infant overload?

Some moms’ idea of nirvana is never being separated from their babies, not for one second, day or night.  For others, this concept seems like cruel and unusual punishment, for both baby and mom.But before you start running for the hills or buy baby slings in every color of the rainbow, read on to learn more about this popular trend.  There’s more to it than being joined at the hip.

During my first pregnancy, I went headlong into information overload.I googled.  I quizzed other parents.  Books from Amazon spilled out of my mailbox.  The more I tried to absorb, the clearer it was how much I didn’t know.  Like about breastfeeding.  And where the baby would sleep.  That was a new one to me—I thought babies slept in cribs, end of story.  And what in the world was “baby-wearing”?

I’d accidentally stumbled onto the world of “Attachment Parenting.”


Attachment Parenting—known by the shorthand AP—is not easily defined. Generally speaking, it’s a parenting philosophy “that nurtures the bonds between parents and their babies,” says Lysa Parker, co-founder of Attachment Parenting International and author of Attached at the Heart: 8 Proven Parenting Principles for Raising Connected and Compassionate Children.  According to scientific “attachment theory,” babies have an innate drive to form a close attachment to a primary caregiver.  Applying this theory to parenting, “attached” babies are secure babies.Says Parker, “Securely attached children are happier, healthier, better behaved, and more successful in school.”

To find out more including AP in the real world, potential downsides, and tips for trying AP, head over to our friends at Pregnancy Magazine via What exactly is Attachment Parenting?.