What Happened to the Little Angel and Devil on the Shoulder?

I’ll tell you what happened, they had a baby and he is my son.

Case in point- I got a report card (yes, my son’s preschool sends home report cards) from the school. On that report card were words like: helpful, kind, respectful, loving, listens very well, polite, behaves perfectly and kind to others. At first, I thought they had the wrong kid. A few days later, I passed the office and the director called me in to talk with her. Okay, I thought, they definitely mixed-up the report cards. I braced myself for the news. She smiled at me; cooed at the toddler on my hip and took a breath.

(Oh boy… here we go.)

Then she spoke.

Your son is just the sweetest little boy I have ever met. (I was holding my breath for the “but”) She continued, we had a tour today and he noticed the new little boy was shy and scared so he grabbed his hand, told him “it’s okay” and walked him over to a puzzle. (I almost asked if he then bopped him on the head with a puzzle piece). She continued, we were all so proud of him… we want him to be our concierge (that was a joke, they’re not really going to hire my 3-year-old).

I wondered if she saw the furrow in my brow or my lower jaw on the floor as I let out a nervous giggle and said:

wow, that’s so great. (that’s so great?! I couldn’t think of anything else?)

She took that opportunity to repeat just about everything that was listed in his report card and while a part of me was proud, the other part of me couldn’t help but think about how fooled they all are.

On our way home, I thanked my son for being so nice and helpful with the new friend at school and then asked him about his day. He replied:

I had fun with Mrs. Nancy and I had fun with Mrs. Becky… we sang songs.

That’s the answer I get every.single.day. (I shouldn’t be surprised, I get even less from my 8-year-old).

When we arrived home, he ran and pushed his little brother out of the way and off of the front porch steps. He then threw his shoe at the door and yelled at me for a snack.

What do your kids do when you’re not around that’s different from when they are with you? (In other words, make me feel better and feel like I’m not alone).


  1. My 18 month old daughter is the same way! she is nice and then 30 seconds later she is a horrible brat! I guess this is the start of the terrible two’s. But yes, she is an angel in daycare and out in public, at home it is a different story……I want to pull my hair out! then she mellows out and I can say, “Wow! Now that’s over….”

    I’m glad I’m not the only one.

  2. My son is 3 1/2 and he seems to act the same way at his one hour, once a week class for speech therapy from the teacher’s report that I got. Matthew also refuses to go poop on the potty, he can also be a great kid one day, and a total terror the next. Right now, he is whining because the neighbor’s son moved in, hopefully this is a temporary thing, and has his darn stereo booming and so loud that it’s giving me a headache. I hate this, this is why we moved out of CA. We didn’t move to the country to be put through this torture and crap all over again. 🙁


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