What I Want for Christmas

Yes, the holidays are all about giving but sometimes it’s kind of fun to receive. Today I figured I would give you a sneak peek at my holiday list. Yes, it’s a “wish list” and I don’t expect to get everything (or anything!) on the list, but my family (particularly my husband!) has been asking what I want, so here it is:

My Holiday List

New Boots

You’ve probably seen my dirty little secret that I exposed a few weeks ago about my beloved black boots. Well, even with all the wonderful people searching high and low for the same boots, I’m still searching.

The day after I posted this video, I ordered two pairs of black boots that I thought would be perfect! I figured I might as well order both in case someone else scooped them up on Ebay. Well, unfortunately, I didn’t take into consideration how much my boots stretched out in the last 18 years. I ordered a size 8 (which my current boots say they are!) and both pairs that arrived are too small. *Sigh*

Maybe I’m just not meant to get a new pair of my favorite black boots? If that is the case and since no one would actually be able to buy me a pair of dressy, black boots without me trying them on first, I’ll just settle for a pair of dark brown UGG boots. I know they are comfy and my big ole’ feet will fit in them with no problem. They aren’t as fancy but they are comfy and that’s part of being a mom, right?!?

UGG boots

A MacBook Pro

Yes, I’m have been a PC gal for the last 10 years but the shiny, fancy Macbook Pro that everyone seems to have has been calling my name lately. Hmmm…maybe I’ll be an MAC girl?!?

Macbook Pro

A New Camera

Running Baby Gizmo and covering fabulous travel destinations requires me to always have a camera on hand. Yes, my iPhone takes decent shots but those beautiful travel locations need a real camera! An expensive camera. One that takes the most beautiful photos ever.

Well, my current camera is little out of date. Sure, I have a digital SLR like most people but it is one of the original digital SLRs. As in the Canon Rebel XT with 6.0 megapixels that came out in late 2003! How embarrassed am I to admit that?!?

So, I think it’s time for a new camera. My sister-in-law is a professional photographer and she has the Canon EOS 5D Mark II. I think that is the one I’d like. A girl can dream, can’t she?!?

Canon EOS 5D Mark II

New Sunglasses

Okay, don’t act like you are surprised that new sunglasses are on my list? Sunglasses are almost a permanent fixture on my head. It’s just part of me. What makes me different. A signature Baby Gizmo Hollie accessory.

Well, the sunglasses I wear are cheap. Super cheap. As in $10 at the mall kiosk kind of cheap. I think I’m responsible enough to have an actual pair of sunglasses, right? I mean they are part of almost every Baby Gizmo Video so they should look nice. Yeah, that is my justification for putting new sunglasses on my list. It’s for you more than me! 🙂

Maybe these Marc Jacobs sunglasses?Marc Jacobs Sunglasses

I think these Lacoste white sunglasses might suit me better though?

Lacoste Sunglasses

Lottery Tickets

Lottery tickets is a holiday tradition in my husband’s family. Every year we receive IL Lottery Scratch off tickets in our stockings from my mother-in-law. It becomes a little fun competition each year to who has the winning tickets! It’s a great way to start off our gift opening!

I probably don’t even need to add them to my list but I’m so used to the tradition and look forward to scratching those babies off with a coin, that I wanted to include them so that she doesn’t forget this year. My MIL has been doing this for as long as I’ve known her (18 years!), so I’m guessing she won’t forget. She’s predictable like that! 🙂

In case she is wondering which ones I’d like this year – here are a few of my favorites that I think I’ll get lucky with. Maybe this year will be the big win?!?

This one takes a little work but has a $50,000 prize!
Win up to $3,000,000?!? Yes, please.


Trip to Disney Aulani Resort and Spa in Hawaii

Hey, I like to vacation with the family, I like Hawaii and I’ve never been to this resort before! I figured I’d include it on my list because it would be a fabulous place to take the kids and still have a little adult relaxation time! Maybe I’ll take the mother-in-law after my big win with the lottery tickets?!?

Wow! I think I should stop adding to my list right now. When did I become so high maintenance?!? I’m going to definitely need those IL Lottery tickets just to be able to afford a few of these things.

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