What Nobody Told Me About Having A Second Child


From the title of this, you might think that I’m going to talk about how wonderful it is to have two kids playing together (they’re only 2.5 years and 7 months, but my toddler does play with her brother) or how much my love has grown or some other soppy kind of stuff. Not quite. If you’re thinking I’m going to discuss something I dislike, you’re absolutely right. Here’s what I wish someone had mentioned when I thought I was ready for a second kid,

“FYI- prepare yourself for your baby to get sick a lot more than your toddler ever did, since your toddler is bringing in all these awesome germs and wiping them all over your baby.”

Okay fine, I probably wouldn’t have listened because I was all excited about having baby number 2 or something crazy like that, but still- why did no-one tell me?!

My first child didn’t have a fever until she was 18 months. That’s over a year of no fever! No ear infections. Just colds. No biggie.

This one? Sheesh, we’re at 7 months and he’s already had one of the worst ear infections I think has ever existed with constant screaming and crying and a terrible fever, a runny nose for over a week, and another random 24 hour fever that had me worried as he would just sleep and eat and then poof, it just disappeared.

Now, I know that isn’t a lot, but it’s more than we experienced with my first in seven months and he’s completely breastfed! Not even one solid. Isn’t breastmilk supposed to be the magical stuff that doesn’t let such things occur? But of course, life has a stronger hand to play than breastmilk- it’s called: my toddler. If you look at toddlers, you can almost see the germs dancing around on their little fingers. She doesn’t go to daycare, but she does go to a lot of playdates, and Gymboree. And yes, they make you sanitize your hands at Gymboree, but kids are kids.

So if I had to blame this all on someone, can it be the big corporate company and their happy, happy bubble blowing?┬áIt’s only fair.


Do you have more than one child? Did the second or third or rest get more sick than the first? Let us know in the comments below!

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Managing Editor. Ladan is a British mother of three, who moved to California in 2008 to live with her husband. Born and raised in London, she has the very British sarcastic sense of humor. None of her previous workplaces prepared her for becoming a mother and having the three most demanding bosses in the world, but also the cutest.

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Heather Kelly

I have 3 kids, 5 1/2, 3 1/2, and 9 1/2 months. Yes, my baby girl, the 3 1/2 year old, has had more colds then all 3 of them put together. My 9 1/2 month old, I guard her from their hands. Even just wiping them with diaper wipes and asking other kids not to touch her, helps. I also Refuse to put her in restaurant and fast food high chairs. I use the stroller or my lap, instead.