What Parents of More Than One Tell Me About Having Baby Number 2

I am due with baby number 2 at the beginning of September, and my daughter will be turning two about three weeks later. Given that I am an only child and so is my husband (crazy, I know) this prospect is very exciting for us, as we both wanted brothers and sisters as kids, but it’s also daunting as we really have no clue what it’s like living in a house with more than one child. We have dreams that they’ll be best friends, walk together hand in hand, never fight, play together happily and our lives will be one big, happy Disney movie.

Did I wake up yet?

Anyway, the kinds of things you hear when you’re pregnant with your second differ slightly to when you’re pregnant with your first. You’re over all the “Ooooh, how exciting! You’ll love being a parent!” comments and now you have the old pros with two, three or more kids telling you what to expect. Here are some of the words of wisdom I’ve heard from mothers that have made me smile.

1. via text “Your next will be easier! We all mess up firstborns ;)”

2. When my friend’s second son cut his finger and there was blood (okay, a tiny amount) “With the first one you’re like “OH MY GOD she tripped, shall we go to the hospital?! With the second you’re like “Blood? And?”

3. “One and two were a little difficult, but when you have three, it’s much easier. You hear less “Mama! Mama! Mama!” and more ‘Stop it!’ ‘No you stop!!!’ I’m just grateful they’re bothering each other and not me.” I did relay this information to my husband but he said two kids are enough for now. I tried.

4. “With my first born I was so concerned about not letting him eat anything unhealthy, he didn’t taste soda until he was 8, and then my second came along and I was like ‘Soda? Sure. Chocolate? Go ahead.’ Whatever keeps them happy.”

5. “This is going to be so much easier than your first. I was so worried all the time about what I was doing right and wrong with baby number one. When number two came along, I was just grateful I was doing anything. At all.”

6. “Oh, you’re in that no-TV zone. Yeah, I was like that too. And then I had my second. And now he can get to PBS Kids on the iPad and switch it to Curious George faster than I can actually say iPad. Not great, I know. But I get to drink my coffee in peace.”

7. “Our first was wonderful and so easy. And we couldn’t wait to have a second. And along she came, and she cried continuously for a year. Colic. We are never having kids again.” FYI- this is not what a pregnant woman wants to hear.

Have you heard any interesting comments from parents of more than one? Or would you like to offer any advice?