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  1. Thank you! Those where fun to read:) my real advice is to constantly encourage the relationship between the two from the beginning (even before!) comments like ‘look how he/she is looking at uou! She loves you so much!’ or baby is learning so much from you about how to be big (also stating specifics) do wonders for the older child feeling proud, loving, and not threatened by the newest addition.

  2. LOOOOL!! Love! Love! Love!! ..and Megan I don’t know what you’re talking about.. French fries are made of a vegetable so theyre a healthy vegan side/snack. Duh. 😉

  3. OMG….this is HILARIOUS!! I love the quotes!! With my latest baby the third, being at least 7 years younger than my other youngest child, (she is now 10 months) I can say she has gotten away with a lot! Chocolate already, I sadly admit! Not much though, but still…. I hardly give her jarred baby food, usually for when we are out and about and I want to make sure she gets something nutritious (french fries anyone?) So long “Baby’s First year” book where I gave my first jarred food, with one single ingredient at a time over the course of days….

  4. Here’s what I got when someone saw me with all my kids:
    ” Are they all YOURS?”
    ” how can you handle four when you have only two hands?”

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