What You May Have Missed…

What You May Have Missed…

What You May Have Missed…We know you are busy.  Kids. School. Laundry. Work. Being pregnant. American Idol.  We get it.  You don’t always have time to catch every single story, review or breaking news on RatedbyMom and BabyGizmo.  You catch most of them, right?!

Well, just in case you were slacking a bit this week, here are our Top 7 Stories that you may have missed!

  Daily Deal Site Reviews – Giveaway – We are on the Daily Deals bandwagon too!  So, here is a place where you can post reviews on many of the most popular deal sites. Good or bad- we want the truth!  Write a review and automatically be entered to win a $50 VISA gift card!  Share this with a friend! (Pretty please!)

  Top 5 Biggest Maternity Fashion Mistakes – Funny.  Read it.  It might be you.  Enough said.

  800,000 Dorel Car Seats Recalled – That’s a boatload of car seats!  Check your seats!

  Baby Gizmo Baby Loves Finalists Chosen – The Finalists are depending on your vote!  Vote now. (Please.)  Let’s just use this as a chance to practice our voting skills for American Idol in a couple weeks.

  Facebook Making Your Friends/Pages Invisible – Just rude, Zuckerberg!  Trying to make us think our friends were just ignoring our witty little status updates.  Not cool!

  Joovy Kooper Stroller Review – A cute stroller review.

  Baby Gizmo Adds Britax B-Nimble to Weekly Giveaway – In case you wanted a chance to win a Britax B-Nimble.

So, there you have it.  The biggest posts/stories you may have missed from us this week.  Let’s try to stay on top of this, people! 🙂


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