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  1. Our family will be not be participating in the program anymore. Some people believe the purpose of the program, originally, was General Mills answer to generics: yes, it costs a little more, but think of the little children. The way they have casually crossed this colossal line it’s just flabbergasting. Honestly, my own personal opinion is that some within the company wanted to cancel the program completely, but they did not want the negative press that would be associated with that, so they did this instead. The specific details of your personal grocery shopping habits are worth A LOT more than 10 cents per receipt. If people (like me) drop out of the program because of it, no big deal because they originally wanted to cancel it entirely. I will actually be avoiding General Mills products, entirely, at the store because of this.

  2. I like the new app. It was just updated this week to include a way to credit students or classrooms, so contests are possible. Boxtops has said they use your product information to get more brands to join boxtops. I think the problem people are having with sharing their info is a little silly. Absolutely you get to choose whether Boxtops gets your info. Google, Amazon, and Facebook already have that info though. Ibotta and similar collect that info too. That’s how you make money, by them (Ibotta etc) selling your info. Boxtops is a General Mills program. They are paying you, 10 cents at a time, for your brand loyalty. They don’t sell it to a third party.

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