What’s in the Box Wednesday

wednesday box

If you’ve been following us on Instagram or Facebook, you may know that we started a fun video series a couple weeks back called “What’s in the Box Wednesday?” #WhatsintheBoxWednesday

Each Wednesday, the Baby Gizmo kids open a box to reveal all types of fun toys, games, baby products or other great gear. These videos are quick and not only fun for kids (and adults!) to watch but also really fun for the BG kids to film. When we turn on the camera for this game, they honestly don’t know what is in the box.

It’s no secret that we get a TON of boxes delivered for our reviews, videos and Baby Gizmo features. Since we started this new video series, the kids get super excited when the UPS or FEDEx truck arrives. Immediately, they want to play the “What’s in the Box?” game. Their competitive spirit kicks into full gear while they hope that the item in the box is for them! It usually turns into a girl vs boys game.

“I hope it’s a boy toy!”

“I think it is a girl toy!”

It’s all in good fun but secretly they love the thrill. They know if they won’t “win” this round, the chances are good that they might the next time. And you never know when mom wins!

Find out what’s in the box today in our video below!