What’s in a name?

After you find out what you’re having the next question on people’s minds is, “do you have a name yet?” I’m a huge fan of the Jewish tradition of keeping the name on the down-low until the traditional baby naming ceremony. However we’re not Jewish so there won’t be any grand revealing but on the other hand there is something to be said for keeping it to yourself until after the baby is born. What if you change your mind? or what if you decide that he/she doesn’t look anything like the name you picked? or what if your other pregnant friend steals it because she has her baby first (not just a scenario…true story!)? There are too many “what ifs” when it comes to the name game and you have to remember that you will be saying this name over and over and over again for the next sixty years. You have to like it. No, not just like it…LOVE IT!

There are many names that I like but not for own child. Of course, names are completely subject to opinion. As we know too well when it comes to celebrities naming their children — think Apple Martin (makes me want an Apple Martini), Pilot Inspektor (there are no words for this one) and Buddy Bear Maurice (*gasp*). However, you may like these names or think that they are just breeding little celebrities of their very own…whatever the reason the parents named their children with these monikers is for the same reason we’re on the search for the best name to suit our little one. While the celebrity names are a bit outrageous, the majority of the people are still leaning towards classic, noble names that stand the test of time. Take a look at the top names for this year according to the Social Security Register are…

The top 10 girls names:

  1. Isabella
  2. Emma
  3. Olivia
  4. Sophia
  5. Ava
  6. Emily
  7. Madison
  8. Abigail
  9. Chloe
  10. Mia
The top 10 boys names are:
  1. Jacob
  2. Ethan
  3. Michael
  4. Alexander
  5. William
  6. Joshua
  7. Daniel
  8. Jayden
  9. Noah
  10. Anthony
However there are those parents that decide to take a risk with the name going for the unusual and most shocking but in the end, they actually end up regretting that decision. According to a recent survey conducted by yourbabydomainname.com, one in ten parents wish they could rename their child. The most popular names that these parents wish they hadn’t named their child are:
Girls: Apple, Madonna, Chardonnay, Peaches
Boys: Beckham, Axl, Kai, Kester, Jordan, Joaquim
While some of these names are actually mild to the ones that I’ve heard on the playground recently…Rainbow, Blaze and Turnip come to mind, it’s true that it’s just a name and it can be changed. In fact, I wonder how many people with strange names end up legally changing their name? The moral of the story is to think long and hard about the name you choose to give your child. Yell it, shout it and repeat it several thousand times before you give birth and if you still like it in the end…then you’ve got yourself a great baby name!