What’s In the Box Wednesday – Kinder Surprise Eggs

Kinder Eggs

Okay, most of us have all heard how popular these “egg opening” videos are on YouTube. You know, the Kinder Surprise Egg videos where kids and adults open the Kinder chocolate eggs to reveal what toy surprise is inside. I have to be honest that at first I didn’t get it. Why are kids so obsessed with these videos?

Our younger audience has been begging us to do a Kinder Surprise Egg “unboxing” video for what seems like forever so we’ve decided to finally do it. We thought it would be a fun special episode for “What’s in the Box Wednesday” just in time for Easter to have fun with some Kinder Surprise Eggs with the kids.

When IĀ got my hands on some Kinder Surprise Eggs, I finally got it. I finally understand the obsession with these eggs! They are SO fun! So addicting! Seriously, as a grown adult, I HAVE to know what is in the eggs. Sure, the chocolate is super yummy but it’s all in the surprise! It’s like the McDonald’s Happy Meal kind of surprise but times 1000!

When my kids got the eggs for the first time, they were over the moon. Seriously, obsessed! They would open these babies all day long if they could. My 10 year old daughter is especially obsessed. Remember she is the one with the claw machine addiction. Yep, she has a brand new addiction and unfortunately (or fortunately!) the Kinder Surprise Eggs are much harder to come by than the claw machines in every grocery store.

So, let’s get to it. Today’s special edition of What’s in the Box Wednesday is all about opening the Kinder Surprise Eggs!