What’s more fun then a mermaid ballerina?

To make a long story short my family is living like gypsies for the next 3 months.We will be living out of hotels mostly and I began my search for a great bath toy.  It needed to be small enough for packing but fun enough to hold their attention for 3 months.  A few days into my search BabyHalfOff featured a brand new game: Sumbodies.  The description sounded great for our needs.  A floating card game with endless possibilities!

We are now one month into our gypsy life and Thing 1 and Thing 2 beg and plead  to take a bath every night.  We ran out of time for a bath the other night and there were actually tears.  Needless to say I think they like their Sumbodies.

The game consist of 36 game cards made of a durable foam that form 12 characters.  Each card has a head, body or legs and can be combined in 1,728 different ways.  The cards are full of vibrant colors and equally vibrant characters.  Our favorites are currently the mermaid, ballerina and astronaut.  The cards stick to bathroom tile, float on water, and are easy for little hands to hold!  A mesh bag is included for easy storage and a place to dry between uses.

Sumbodies can also be used for war; the card game not a voilent scenario involving a post bath ER visit.  To play you divide the cars into 3 piles for each player; heads, bodies, and tails(legs).  For each round you flip over a card from each pile.  Every card has a number.  Use these numbers to add up your 3 cards.  The player with the highest number wins the round.  Whoever wins the most rounds wins the game.  At four I think Thing 1 is still too young but this will be a great game in about a year to informally(or sneakily) introduce addition.

Milliwik the makers of Sumbodies is proud of their products and stand behind their safety.  They have even posted the results from their independent safety testing on their website.  Check out Milliwik for all of their floating card games including Slapjacks and Splashimals.

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