What’s New for Britax in 2012 (VIDEO)

What's New for Britax in 2012 (VIDEO)

Are you thinking about taking advantage of the Britax Free Ride Event but nervous about what they might change for 2012? Well, we have the entire scoop of what’s new for Britax in 2012 for you. (Psst…go ahead grab a B-Ready from the Free Ride Event before it ends because the 2012 model is the same!). Here is everything you need to know about Britax 2012 right now in less than 2 minutes. *Sorry about the fast-talking – I was just so excited to be on the Britax red carpet! 🙂


Some of the new Britax fashions for 2012:

What's New for Britax in 2012 (VIDEO)


What's New for Britax in 2012 (VIDEO)

What's New for Britax in 2012 (VIDEO) 


  1. I would love to purchase the B-Agile stroller in gray or kiwi. When, where can I purchase the stroller in those colors? It’s now February 20th 2012, and I can’t find the B-Agile in these colors anywhere. I notice that this question has already been asked, and also not yet been answered. I have held off on my purchase, because I just can’t seem to get myself to buy the black or red stroller. My due date is April 18th. Help me out by letting me know when or if these colors will be available. Thank you so much!

  2. Hi Hollie,
    Love your reviews! Watched so many of them before making my stroller purchase.
    I finally bought the Britax B Ready because I needed a double that wasn’t bulky and loved the fact that it could folded with seat on.
    My question is;
    I have a 2 year old and expecting my second son for November.
    What would you recommend (that would fit into the second B Ready seat) to keep my child warm during the winter?
    The Britax boot, the JJ Cole Bundle Me or something else??
    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Tammy, I would get a JJ Cole Bundle Me because it has warm fabric under the child in the seat and over the child. That will keep your baby toasty warm in the winter! – Hollie

  3. it looks like there are some b-safe’s behind you in new colors? is it just the sand color thats new?? also, did you see if there were any new fabrics for the chaperone? thanks!


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