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  1. Heather,
    This is truly such a great post! You’re so right about taking those moments and remembering that they too are learning and exploring and finding their boundaries. All to often I see so many parents yelling at their child for something that they did wrong. And you can see that this parent has compleltey lost all patience with their child. Everytime I see this I wish I could just tell the parent that their child not only is learning, and exploring, and finding their boundaries on what’s the right thing to do and the wrong thing to do. But as a parent you also have to remember that you are not only your child’s parent. But you are also their “Teacher!” Everything you say and do, they can hear and see you. Whether you think they are actually listening or not. “They are!”
    So if you are constantly yelling at your child and just telling them “No, Stop it, etc..!”
    They will repeat to you exactly what you are saying to them!
    So instead of just yelling “No”, or “Stop it!” Parents truly need to remember that they are only children and they need guidance and nurturing.
    So instead of constantly yelling at them to stop something that they are doing that they shouldn’t be, or telling them “no” all of the time.
    You Truly need to take a deep breath and calmly tell them the reason why they shouldn’t be doing whatever it is that they are doing wrong. And explain to them why they can’t have or can’t do something.
    Children need answers to reasons why they can’t have or do something. That is how they learn. And yes, they are probably going to go back and do the same thing more then once. But you just have to keep telling them the reasons why they shouldn’t be doing those things.
    That way your not just constantly screaming at them and they are just left with a “No, or Stop That, etc..!”
    And in return, you’re child will also learn how to express their emotions and instead of just yelling “no” to you. They will learn how to explain why they don’t like or want to do something that you are asking them to do.
    I truly love this post. You’re so right about also making sure to take some much needed mommy time after a hard day.
    And reminding yourself about Happy moments when you feel like you are about to lose it and have a breakdown.
    Parenting isn’t easy. And we all learn as we go.!
    But if there is one thing that I would never change in the world. It’s becoming a parent! It is truly the hardest, yet most rewarding, fulfilling, best gift that God ever blessed me to be.

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