Who says leggings are only for girls?

My husband for one.

Joking aside, I am a legging addict. Funky patterns and designs are totally in style ring now and I like my little man to be in style.When my son was first born I found it extremely difficult to find cute clothes for him. I felt like every store was full of ruffles and lace and the boy sections were always seriously lacking. As my son got older, I started getting better at shopping for him and discovered a gem of a shop called Thief and Bandit Kids. This place is like the Holy Land of leggings and the best part is that they are all made for girls AND boys. The patterns are amazing, they are all handmade with love, and they hold up extremely well. My son is not the sit on my lap and read a book type. He’s the run around in circles, jump off the kitchen counter, roll in the dirt type and all his Thief and Bandit leggings still look perfect. I can’t tell you the amount of compliments we’ve gotten on them because all my family’s fingers and toes combined wouldn’t be enough to keep track. There’s nothing quite like these leggings on the market today, they are so unique!

Here’s another little secret. Those leggings in the H&M, Old Navy, and every other stores little girl section can totally work for boys, too. Black and white stripes and neon green leggings aren’t just for girls. My son can rock them too and so can yours!

Next time you’re out shopping for your son and shaking your head with disappointment at the lack of options, take a peak in the girls section or get on your computer and be creative!