Who’s afraid of the dark? We handpicked the best nightlights for tots!

Every kid goes through it at one time or another — they become afraid of the dark. Some start it right away when they start sleeping on their own and others start it at the age when everything becomes “scary” – which for my daughter was around age 3. Although we’re over that fear now, she still likes a nightlight in her room to give off a soft glow of light for extra comfort. It’s not just kids that react this way either, some adults still sleep with nightlights! Depending on your needs, a night light can be just a light or it can also have additional functions like a clock or a training light to keep early-bird risers in their bed until after the roosters crow in the morning. After testing many, many nightlights, here’s my picks for the best (and cutest!) nightlights for tots!

This is not only a nightlight but also a training tool for early-risers. It changes from a sun to a moon and back to a sun again when you set the time for them to get up in the morning. I don’t know one parent that hasn’t raved about this light. Good Nite Light, $34.95, at amazon.com

How cute are these nightlights?! They are portable, has an eco-friendly and color-changing LED light inside, is AC rechargeable and taps on and off. Oh, and they come in tons of different animals like rabbits, ducks, dinosaurs, cats, hedgehogs…you name it! Giimmo Magic Lights, $34.99, at amazon.com

This nightlight is a classic for babies and kids. We love looking at the constellations it makes on the ceiling! Also comes in a ladybug and turtle version. Cloud B Twilight Turtle Constellation Night Light, $27.20, at amazon.com

Another great sleep training clock for those kids that just get up too early! Besides it’s nightlight function it is also an alarm clock and wake-up indicator.┬áKid’Sleep Classic, $28.25, at amazon.com

Just need something simple? Try these Personalized Nightlights from Pottery Barn Kids, $32.

Do you have a favorite nightlight?