Why We Won’t Get A Dog

Why We Won’t Get A Dog

I know this is going to polarize readers. I get that. It even polarizes my own emotions. While I know first hand how much added love a dog can bring to a family, we will not be getting one. I don’t like to say ‘ever’ as it sounds so final, but I just don’t see our family ever getting a dog. Please don’t burn me at the stake, dog lovers.

Why We Won't Get A DogWhy We Won’t Get A Dog

I grew up with dogs. In fact, as an only child, I’d argue that my dog Molly was my best friend. She was practically my sister. When I went away to college, I missed her more than anything or anyone.  Because of her, I imagined I would always have a yellow labrador in my life, sleeping next to my bed each night.
And then I grew older. I got married and had two (soon to be three) kids in only a few years. My hands are so full caring for my two kids -and husband- that I cannot even fathom the idea of adding another living thing to our circle.
Taking my kids outside to play is work in itself. They are still so young that I don’t entirely trust them in our [not fenced in] yard. Adding a dog into that would only increase the responsibility and stress of being outdoors. I really don’t even know how we’d manage to walk a dog multiple times each day, especially when my kids are locked into a solid nap schedule.
Yes, I know you could argue there are ways around that. Invisible fence – not allowed in our HOA. Pay to fence our yard in? Pay a dog walker? No thanks. We have a laundry list of to-dos around our house that take much high priority to something like that.
Speaking of expenses, dogs can cost ~a lot~ of money. From vet visits to an extra mouth to feed, I can not wrap my head around the expense of a pet. My own kids are expensive enough!
Then there’s the mess. Again, my two kids – and husband, sorry babe – are really messy. We clean up multiple times each day and I still feel like we live in a sloppy place. I can’t imagine what we would be experiencing with an added dog in the mix.
Bottom line, my hands are so full as it is. In fact, in only a few months they are about to become much fuller with baby #3! It doesn’t make me feel great to say “No” to my son when he asks to get a dog. “No, baby. I’m sorry. We will have to visit Grandmom’s dog soon, though!” Sure, they’re cute and fuzzy and adorable and loyal and all that. But the bottom line is, a dog will not be happening in this family.
Have you had to say no to a pet due to family circumstances? Leave us a comment below!


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