Will I ever get my brain back?

Will I ever get my brain back?

Will I ever get my brain back?Am I ever going to get my brain back?  We’ve all heard the term “baby brain” but I had no idea that it could last more than 7 years?  If I had any other condition that lasted more than 7 years, I would have been hospitalized or institutionalized by now.

Baby brain usually rears its ugly head during pregnancy.  There are many symptoms that I have of baby brain including but not limited to forgetfulness, absentmindedness, and a host of other crazy lack of brain power symptoms.

After my first baby, my brain officially turned to mush. I wrote it off that I just had a baby and my brain power would come back.  I was pregnant within 15 months again so I figured I didn’t give my brain time enough to get back to full capacity.

I had my second son and baby brain was still front and center. Before I totally became myself again, I was pregnant with baby #3.  Seriously, was I doomed to have baby brain forever?  The answer seems to be yes.

I could still write it off as I just had a baby IF that were true.  My baby is now 2 ½ and I feel like my brain is still mushy.  Not full-fledged mush but definitely not what it was before.

Sure, I can still function throughout the day but I still have subtle symptoms shine through of my baby brain.

The forgetfulness is a main symptom. Putting the ice cream in the pantry instead of the freezer.  Getting all the way into Target and then completely forgetting why I was there in the first place. Calling my kids all the wrong names which is partly my fault for naming them all “S” names. Searching for the names of the most basic thing.

“Can you hand me that…that…that…you know that curved yellow thing?“

Ummm, a banana?

“Yep, that would be it!”

Just general forgetfulness of everyday things.  I used to remember everything!

The lack of focus is another biggy.  I find myself completely zoning out during conversations.  For example, I’m at a playdate today and one of the other mothers is going on about something and I feel myself zoning out.  I wasn’t really thinking of anything else but not really listening to what she was saying either. This happens to me A LOT!  Plus, since having kids if there are kids yelling, screaming or playing loudly around me – my brain power shuts down.  Try having a conversation with me in a car full of noisy kids.  Forget about it.  I barely know my own name at that point.

I notice this lack of focus at night as well.  I used to be a huge TV watcher before kids and had a list as long as my arm of my favorite shows.  Now, I can barely make it through an episode of one of my 3 favorite shows without surfing the web on my iPhone or opening the laptop.  I can’t sit still and just watch a TV show.  Maybe that has to do with the fact that I have a hard time unplugging myself from the computer or smart phone? While those devices are brilliant, they really can be the devil too.  TV series that I would have never missed an episode in a million years, I have become bored of and dropped from my watching list completely.  Sure, I shouldn’t be watching that much TV anyway, right?  I agree but it’s just another way that my brain is working differently.

No one really warned me before kids that I might never have my brain back or will I?  Have I permanently lost those brain cells to remember things or focus?  Moms of teenagers don’t seem to still have baby brain.  I don’t seem them struggling for the word “banana”.  Will it take that long?  What do you think? Do you have baby brain?


  1. I totally have it! I complain to my husband, my mom, basically anyone who’ll listen about it. I, too, can’t focus on anything for too long like I used to. I forget things easily, so I must write everything down or it’s gone. It’s reassuring to hear I’m not the only one, though.

  2. I’ve got it! With 9 year old twins, a six year old and a three year old I am still waiting for my old brain to wake up! I joke with my husband that I won’t ever be able to go back to work because I am no longer as sharp (or even as smart) as I used to be. It’s scary sometimes! I love my kids…. but they have turned my brain to mush! Good to know that I’m not alone. If you find a drug for it, please let me know. 🙂

  3. Thanks, its good to know that it’s not just me. Even as I sit here and type this I have to retype half of it because I have forgotten that spaces are a requirement for others to read it. My kids are 2 and 6, and while I do think I got my brain back between them, it has since left me. And it does not help to have a missing brain during the holidays, while trying to take care of 2 kids and run a business that takes care of 30 some other kids. Here’s to hoping you get your brain back and mine soon. Merry Christmas

  4. I work in the mental health field and what you’re describing sounds like it could be a serious case of ADHD onset-perhaps from pregnancy and parenting. I too have noticed feeling like I can’t think as sharply as I used to with each pregnancy. I recommend consulting with a psychiatrist to receive insight about what you can do for treatment whether via self help, herbal remedies, through diet and exercise, or exploration of psychotropic medication. It couldn’t hurt. Perhaps there is a tie between pregnancy, parenting and ADHD- the attention part of the diagnosis anyway. Great article!

  5. This is me too! I only have one child and he just turned 2. I called my mother about this very thing the other day. Unfortunately, she said she never Really got over it until I was an adult, you gradually become higher and higher functioning as your children get older. lol oh how I hope this isn’t true, 20 or so years seems way too long.

  6. This is totally me! I have a 16 month old and I really feel like a ditz! It’s crazy, but it’s really true. I can’t blame it on lack of sleep because my baby has slept through the night since she was 2 months old and she’s really a happy baby (not to brag, but some Mom’s think it’s because of the fussiness or not sleeping) but I still have baby brain. Crossing my fingers it goes away soon!

  7. I submit that baby brain after pregnancy has more to do with lack of sleep and the fact that all my attention, all day long, is focused on my child. I can safely say this since my baby brain began the day we brought home our adopted daughter, Ainsley. I’m wondering myself when baby brain will end! No time soon, I guess, if we adopt again next year!

  8. sure i still have baby brain. i’m wondering if its related to the fact that most nights at least one of my kids wake me for something… maybe when they all sleep through the night (and keep their beds dry) if my focus and memory will return.

  9. This is me exactly! I have one child who is almost 2 and I still suffer from this! I chalk it up to the fact that your brain is never fully on one thing anymore because you always have your kids at the back of your mind. Even if you know they are ok and safe, etc… They’re still there so you can’t fully focus on anything else.


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