What Do You Need for a Winter Baby?

Girls' owl hat from Etsy seller shayahjane

As a soon-to-be mom-of-three, you’d think I’d have most parenting questions down (at least regarding the 5-and-under set)—but I’m still struggling with some unknowns. Having had two spring babies, this time around I’m due on January 2nd—and I have no idea if there’s anything special I need or should know about having a winter baby.

I always wanted to avoid having a baby in winter—most specifically right around the holidays—because I thought that those with birthdays right then always get the short end of the proverbial stick (or candy cane) when it comes to presents (yes, part of my family planning had to do with thinking about gifts). But now we’re expecting a baby girl (our first!) the day after New Year’s—right during the heart of cold and flu season, and I could care less about the timing—except that I’m terrified of being housebound for any period of time with a newborn (I feel like I owe any past sense of sanity during those newborn days to being able to stroll around outside for hours at a time, my baby tucked into a carrier or stroller). And while I’m sure my two older kids will be bringing home plenty of germs from school anyway, I’m also pretty sure that I’m not supposed to bring this little one out, exposing her to the cold and sick strangers.

So, assuming we’re mostly indoors during that time, do I need anything special? Just maybe an additional layer of clothes? Warmer blankets? I’m guessing our beloved Aden & Anais muslin blankets won’t cut it in January. Do you always keep a hat on winter babies (like this super-cute one from Etsy shop shayahjane)?

Really, tell me: Is there some super-secret method of caring for a winter baby that I’m not privy to? Is there anything that I’ll need for bringing her outside when I absolutely have to, i.e. the pediatrician’s office?