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  1. I know this is an old post, but I wanted to tell you that the week before x-mas I was in my car breastfeeding my son at Target and got the cops called on me.

    This old lady how did not come near my car called the cops. See told them I was not in the car with my two kids. She said she saw me get out of my car go in to Target come back out put stuff in my car. Then i grab my kids and start to go back into Target. The cops came up to me and started to talk to me. I had to tell them over and over again I was in the back of the car feeding my newborn. I told them that if she had came up to the car she would have seen me. I stood out said in the rain and cold depending my self to them for 30 minutes. I was so made. I was shaking. The nerve of some people.

  2. I have gotten a lot of looks when nursing at Target, employees included. I usually stand in some random place and look at stuff while nursing. I can’t walk with her nursing anymore (we used to until she was 5mo) now she will flash people when she is distracted by trying to look at them and still eat .(ending up in a nipple sling shot deal. ouch) Not just in Target at all stores. I think it is kinda funny. but it hurts me at the same time. Maybe sitting down isn’t a bad idea. lol I have only done that once in a chair that was for sale at TJMAX boy- did I get looks then.

  3. I have also breastfeed my son at Target with out any problems. I went to the back corner of the Target Cafe and used my nursing cover without any problems.

  4. I’ve breastfed all 7 of my children in public places from 1994-2010 and never had anyone give me a problem, ever. I didn’t use a nursing cover, just discreetly breastfed by lifting the bottom of my shirt up and using it to shield anything other people might not want to see. And yes, I’ve breastfed in Target, many times. Sometimes I’d just sit on one of the bottom shelves and other times I’d breastfeed while walking around. Nobody said a word or even really noticed.

  5. I can’t imagine how this woman must have felt being embarrassed about her choice to bf. If I want to bf my child, no matter where I am, I certainly will. So help the person who crosses my path to behave like a child with rude comments. Hopefully people take note of this situation and realize it is unacceptable to treat a woman like a criminal for bf in public.

  6. I nursed my twins in a corner of the food court area. Nobody said anything. Got some stares from other customers though. I just can’t understand why something so natural is such a big deal to so many people.

  7. I’ve nursed all 4 of mine, many times, in many public settings including Target (food court) and NEVER have been harassed. I don’t make a statement, I don’t ask permission, I don’t park myself in the middle of all the activity, I just find a comfortable seat & cover myself w/ a light blanket for my own comfort & that of everyone else. Most people honestly don’t notice, they are interested in their OWN activities, not anyone else’s. Only twice has an older lady smiled and said, ‘How nice,’ and moved on. Maybe it’s because I was in an urban area, but I’m inclined to agree w/ LilyB, that SOMETIMES when women are talked to for breastfeeding it’s because they go out looking for a fight, putting themselves on display. Not all the time, I know there are uneducated people out there but geez, I even nursed in the booth at a restaurant & the teenage waiter (male) didn’t even blush. Just be polite (you don’t have to show your entire breast, ladies!), act normal, and people will follow your lead!

  8. Maybe it was the fact that she was sitting on the floor in the middle of the busiest shopping season. I’m not saying it was right to humiliate her however maybe she should have been somewhere more out of the way. WHy is sitting on the floor better then a dressing room that has seating? IDK sounds like she was looking to make a statement.

  9. When my little one was small we nursed pretty much anywhere we went, I typically shopped with her in my sling and therefore nursed without anyone knowing while shopping.

  10. Me too in the food court booth – no problems. I would glare anyone out who dared attempt to humiliate me or move me on. I too have sat down on the floor in airports, stores, libraries when needed to feed my babies. Grrr to anyone who tries to stop me. I think most stores are now up to speed on the whole breastfeeding issue (which shouldn’t be an issue) and agree with the the Author that this was an isolated uneducated Target employee. Who is probably as redfaced as the store colours!!!

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