Wonder Bumpers- Go Vertical

The Wonder Bumper by Go Mama Go Designs is a safer alternative to the controversial traditional crib bumpers.

The Wonder Bumper is a vertical bumper system that attaches to each individual slat on your child’s crib– creating a safe, breathable environment conducive to a good night’s sleep.


  • Protects head and body
  • Increases airflow
  • Inhibits babies from escaping


  • Just zip on
  • Hassle free sheet change
  • Easy to use, remove and clean


  • Super-soft stylish fabrics
  • Reversible design
  • Fits on almost all cribs
  • Use on toddler beds, too!



Wonder Bumpers can be machine washed (on the gentle or low setting); tumble dry on low. The inserts do not need to be removed prior to washing. Go Mama Go designs recommends washing a handful of bumpers at a time. I was able to wash about 8 at a time and initially I thought it would be a pain (to not be able to wash them all at once) but it wasn’t that bad… especially considering they are not something I need to wash all that often. I have washed my set once and only had to open up three of the bumpers to re-adjust the poly-foam insert.

Putting the Wonder Bumpers on the crib

Each vertical bumper piece has it’s own zipper. I alternated the pattern on our crib but because they are reversible, you can alternate, use the non-printed side, only the printed side or get creative. What is really cool (especially for people like me… people who like to change things up every once in a while) is that you can go from using the printed side to the non-printed side and back, or alternate, whenever you want to.

Installing the Wonder Bumpers takes longer to do, just as you would expect, but taking the time to ensure your child sleeps in a safer environment puts everything in perspective. The zipper is easy to use no matter what side of the bumper is facing out and I found that it was best to start at the top, zip down halfway, tuck the lower part of the vertical bumper between the crib slat and the crib mattress, and then finish zipping it together. After about five pieces, I had it down pretty quickly.

While we are on the subject of the zipper, I have to mention the one thing I’m not to thrilled about. The zipper is exposed. It is not a hidden zipper. Therefor, the zipper side of the bumper pieces has to face outward so that my son doesn’t mess with it. Obviously a little baby wouldn’t be able to touch (or mess) with it like my toddler does… because the zipper is facing out, that is the part I have to look at. Again, his safety is priority number one but I wish they could somehow use an invisible zipper or find a way to hide the zipper so it is more esthetically pleasing for me.


The vertical bumpers on the front and back of the crib fit beautifully. But we have a very unique crib when it comes to the sides. It has two slats on each side of the crib and they are longer due to the design. The Wonder Bumpers still worked on these slats, they just didn’t cover the entire slat like the ones on the front and back. For fancy and unique cribs, I would consider inquiring about a custom order if you want the look streamlined on your crib.

The toddler test

My little monkey is not able to climb out of his crib with the Wonder Bumpers installed. I feared that he might be able to (after installing them) but he tried and he failed.

Another thing you see in my pictures is the teething guard. Not only is my toddler a monkey, he’s a crib-chewing monkey. The teething guard coordinates with the Wonder Bumpers and has short ties every 4 (or so) bars. I love that it’s a low-profile teething guard that is secure and soft. The only thing different about the teething guard is that you have to remove the inner poly-foam before washing and drying. Like the Wonder Bumpers, the teething guards have hidden velcro on each end, which makes it easy to remove the foam insert.


  • Reversible vertical bumpers with hidden velcro on each end
  • Poly-foam inserts inside each vertical bumper
  • Lead-free zippers on each vertical bumper
  • Go Mama Go Designs now offers custom orders, which I love. They have some wonderful (and versatile) colors and themes as it is but I love that they offer this option as well.
  • The Wonder Bumpers can be purchased in a 24-piece set or a 38-piece set
  • Additional items (sold separately) include: 2-pack sets, matching crib skirt, fitted crib sheet, toddler pillow and toddler blanket.