Wonder! will be the new way to shop this winter.

Wonder! will be the new way to shop this winter.

Wonder! aims to be the Cabela’s of children’s retail. The first store is set to open next month outside Chicago. If all goes well they hope to open up to 19 more stores in their first 5 years. I am jealous that I won’t be in Chicago to check out this store for myself because it sounds pretty awesome.

What will make Wonder so different? They aim to be a one stop shop for all things kid (7 and under) from strollers to toys to clothes to furniture. Reportedly they will carry not only the big brands but the sought after boutique items too. A bakery, a farmer’s market, and a drugstore are also included in the plans. How about a yoga class for your tot while you shop? Rumor has it those will be available for a fee. If yoga isn’t your tots favorite pastime maybe they’ll enjoy the 22,000 sqft play area instead. A space large enough to host parties, yep that’s available too! There will even be a custom test track for toddlers to test out all the bikes and trikes. Sounds like they have everything. I for one would love for this store to live up to the hype. Move over, Giggle and BuyBuyBaby, there is a new kid coming to town!

Wonder! Is set to open October 22nd in Deerfield, IL. Will you be there? I have a sneaky suspicion that Baby Gizmo’s founder Hollie will be there since she is a Chicago resident.

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